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Regulatory policy is not clear, one of South Africa’s “five major banks” announced the closure of the bank account of the cryptocurrency exchange

South Africa's First National Bank (FNB), one of South Africa's "big five banks," is closing bank accounts established by the country's cryptocurrency exchange. At the same time, the bank also said that the emergence of clear cryptocurrency regulations in South Africa may trigger a reversal of the policy. Image source: FNB calls for clearer regulations […]

A deep understanding of the role of luck in cryptocurrency investment: whether the quilt is to cut the meat or the dead bar

A long time ago, one day, I went to Beijing on the bus back to Beijing. The average bus departure interval is 15 minutes. After waiting for 8 minutes, I was already in a hurry and things were a little anxious. At this time, I should take a car and save time. But think about […]

Twitter Featured|Reddit Hot Post: 79% down for two years, do you still have faith?

Author: March only hope Source: Wildflowers 01 Multi-mortgage Dai successfully upgraded and issued 24 million stable coins Dai MakerDao official tweet released a long article announcement, saying that Multi-Collateral Dai has been launched, and detailed how to transfer single mortgage Dai to multiple mortgage Dai, stable currency rate change, new logo and Dai deposit interest, […]

Forbes: Will the US Internal Revenue Service kill cryptocurrency transactions?

On Monday, the commercial media Forbes wrote an analysis of how the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) encryption policy affects the world of cryptocurrencies. According to the article, the IRS announced in 2014 that the cryptocurrency is an asset, and after five years, it said that the cryptocurrency from the hard fork needs to pay […]

Getting started with blockchain | 10 common misconceptions about blockchain and cryptocurrency

Source|Medium Translation|First Class (First.VIP) This article is aimed at newcomers to the currency circle and talk about 10 common misconceptions about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Misunderstanding 1 Blockchain requires cryptocurrency to work. Most cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain technology, but blockchains can also work without cryptocurrencies. Encrypted currency is an application of blockchain technology. (First class note: […]

Getting started with blockchain: Iceberg commission for big deals, find out

Author | Iowa Produced|Baihua blockchain (ID: hellobtc) In the case of large-scale trading of digital assets, market prices may be affected by the large amount of transactions, especially for digital assets with relatively poor liquidity. A large purchase order can be pulled. Similarly, a large sell order can be sold. So, is there a way […]

Passing the cryptography, the legalization of the industry is not far behind?

Interpretation today The 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress voted on the afternoon of October 26th to pass the cryptography, which will take effect on January 1, 2020. The cryptography is aimed at standardizing the application and management of passwords, promoting the development of the password business, ensuring network […]

Google, Internet Stock and Ethereum

Author: Anthony Bertolino Edit: Summer Source: Unitimes After the Internet bubble dust settled, we witnessed the rise of the unique Internet companies from the ashes, bringing great value to users. Not only does this attract hundreds of millions of users, but it also translates into a significant increase in the price of the underlying stock. […]

Getting started with blockchain | What is the difference between cryptocurrency investment and speculation? How to make both fish and bear's paw

Author | Wayne Produced | vernacular blockchain Some financial experts believe that cryptocurrency will become the most important asset class of our time. That is to say, although the discussion about blockchain and hashing seems to be inconsequential, many people may still want to investigate whether cryptocurrency is the best investment opportunity. After all, the […]

A16z crypto Partner: 12 key issues in the field of cryptocurrency

Author: Ali Yahya, investment institutions a16z crypto block chain partner Translator: Zhan Wei Source: Chain smell In the field of cryptocurrency, which questions are crucial and there is no definitive answer yet? What issues have the most significant impact on the final form of the cryptocurrency pattern and the prospects of the best company? I […]