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How to use threshold signatures to generate random beacons?

Author: ALEXANDER SKIDANOV Translation & Proofreading: IAN LIU & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Looking back at 2015, the DFinity project proposed a random beacon scheme that excited the entire community-using BLS threshold signatures to generate random output, while ensuring the output is unbiased and unpredictable. However, today, until 2020, it is still difficult to […]

Facing quantum computing threatens digital currency to grow in confrontation

Source: Technology Daily Author: Chen Xi "This is the same as 'spear' and 'shield'. As long as there is a shield, there must be a spear …" Recently, Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, said this when talking about information security. The "spear" and "shield" in Ren Zhengfei's mouth refer to digital currency based […]

What did five academicians and scholars attend this academic conference called “blockchain palace”?

Economic Observation Network reporter Hu Yanming When the blockchain craze swept again, it seemed more rational this time than the frenzy a year ago. On December 7, the "Blockchain Technology and Application" Science and Technology Frontier Forum was held in Shenzhen. Some people call this conference a "blockchain hall-level" academic conference. Depending on the lineup […]

Popular Science | Crypto War, Blockchain Technology

Source: Wanxiang Blockchain On November 28, Gong Ming, a well-known entrepreneur and investor in the blockchain industry, as the lecturer of the fifth lesson, took dozens of important legends in the history of modern computer, cryptography & blockchain as Clues, from their stories, introduce the evolution of blockchain technology. Perhaps we are now accustomed to […]

Beginner's Guide | Why choose a highly liquid exchange?

Source: Medium Translation: First Class (First.VIP) Liquidity is the most important concept that everyone needs to understand when trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. For many years, liquidity has been the focus of cryptocurrency exchanges. But what does this mean? Why is high mobility so important? What is liquidity? Liquidity of assets Liquidity is the degree […]

Bloomberg: The US Taxation Authority has identified dozens of encrypted tax evasion and cybercriminals

By Xiu MU This article comes from pushing According to Bloomberg News, the criminal department of the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) met with tax authorities in four other countries this week, saying it has identified "tens of" potential encrypted tax evasion and cybercriminals. According to the report, members of the Global Tax Law […]

Lawyer's point of view | Analysis of the regulatory environment behind the investigation of the currency exchange

Author: Hu Tao Source: The chain catcher's recent investigation of the currency exchange has triggered industry attention. What may be the reason for the currency market being investigated? What risks do you need to pay attention to when operating an exchange? What is the current regulatory environment for the exchange? This time, the chain catcher […]

UK Finance Minister: FCA has the final decision on whether to implement the ban on crypto derivatives

According to Cointelegraph's October 22 report, the UK government recently stressed that it is up to the regulators, not the executives of cryptocurrency exchanges, to push forward the proposed ban on cryptographic derivatives for retail investors. Image source: pixabay According to Finance Feeds, on October 21st, British Finance Minister John Glen responded to a series […]

Understanding the role of different roles in cryptocurrency exchanges

Originally written by Shane Molidor, Head of Global Business Development at BitMax & GDM, compiled by the Bluemountain Labs team, the English copyright belongs to the original author.   The role of the digital asset trading platform has far exceeded the platform of trading between buyers and sellers. This expanded role brings a series of […]

The cryptocurrency developer 108 will (1): the craftsmen who hide behind the code

Author: True Satoshi Editor's Note: The original title is: cryptocurrency developer 108 will (first period) The article summarizes the first three installments of the series "Developers in Crypto" from the Coincodecap blog (ie August-October), and selects the characters to be screened because I think he may have brought a bit of private goods, because although […]