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How to choose cryptography technology? Final exploration of the security model of quantum computing communication

Author: Yan strong Source: Wezhong Bank Blockchain The application life of classic cryptography technology is coming? Why does quantum computing crack existing privacy protection schemes? What are the implications of quantum communication for the design of privacy protection schemes? How to effectively deal with the challenge of quantum computing communication technology to privacy protection? Here, […]

Technology Sharing | Synergy between Cryptography, Blockchain and Privacy Computing

Hashing theory No privacy, no insurance? Privacy computing constitutes a moat that users trust, and the hero behind privacy computing is cryptography, which is also one of the foundations of blockchain technology. What kind of synergy does the three have? In the third lecture of the private computing class last night, Wu Xiaochuan, a blockchain […]

How to choose the cryptography technology? Revisiting the Security Model of Engineering Capability Boundaries

Author: Li Haoxuan Source: Weizhong Bank Blockchain Unbreakable cryptographic algorithms are also afraid of physical attacks? Why does a physical signal leak threaten the effectiveness of privacy protection? What is the privacy protection plan about the deployment environment? How to design a privacy protection scheme in an untrusted execution environment? Here, we will continue to […]

Counter-mainstream, new commune and blockchain: a movement spanning 60 years

After writing the previous article, I thought that the blockchain's ins and outs were finally cleared up: the earliest participants were a group of programmers, so it showed a religious culture of the community. This religious culture has witnessed two important technical movements in the history of programmer struggle, one is the free software movement […]

Free and Easy Weekly Review | "House N" Reflects the Weakness of Privacy and Sees How the "Sky Eye" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Breaks the Game

Write in front: Regarding SkyEye, we can easily think of the "SkyEye" digital surveillance system that monitors video, or the SkyEye check that can query corporate information, or the Skynet in the film and television work "Terminator". These systems Some can help us find useful information, and some can have very serious consequences. For example, […]

How to choose the cryptography technology? Preliminary Study on Security Model of Theoretical Capability Boundary

Author: Li Haoxuan Source: Weizhong Bank Blockchain After the system changes, why does the privacy data leak frequently? Is the new protocol formed by free combination of cryptographic algorithms still secure? Will the privacy protection system currently deployed still be valid after 10 years? Are the cryptographic protocols more secure and more in line with […]

Why do cryptography believe? Investigate the theory of computational difficulty behind

Author: Li Haoxuan   Source: Weizhong Bank Blockchain Why choose a cryptographic algorithm for privacy protection? What magical mathematical theories are behind cryptographic algorithms? When is 3 greater than 9? How exactly is the illusion of computational reversibility broken in mathematics? Here, we will start from the theoretical foundation of cryptographic trust and share some […]

Must master: these latest cryptographic advances will shape blockchain trends

Cryptocurrencies cannot exist without cryptography. Advances in cryptography may have a profound impact on blockchain technology and its potential. In this article we will look at industry experts' views on the latest advances in cryptography and their potential impact on cryptocurrencies. Image credit: Pixabay Zero-knowledge proof: more than just privacy Andrew Poelstra, head of research […]

How to achieve effective supervision through distributed key technology?

Author: Kao Cheng real This article is the periodic work report of the "Key Steward" research group. I. Asymmetric cryptography is the cornerstone of building blockchain applications Asymmetric cryptography has always played a key role in information systems, and has become the basis for building many core functions of information systems. In the blockchain system, […]

Dry goods | Full homomorphic encryption resource summary

This article was written by Dr. Zhichen Chen. 1.List of Full Homomorphic Encryption Papers 1. This is a list classified by homomorphic encryption 2. This site is estimated by anyone who knows cryptography. You can find all articles about homomorphism by the keyword "homomorphism". 3. A list of articles hosted by Cornell […]