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CoinGeek Conference 2020 | Satoshi Omoto: You have a misunderstanding about Bitcoin!

From February 20th to 21st, the CoinGeek conference was held in Old Billingsgate, London. This is the fifth CoinGeek conference. According to official data, the conference brought together more than 800 people including Craig S. Wright, cryptographer Ian Grigg, economist and writer George Gilder, and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. This conference can be said to […]

CSW is legal Nakamoto? The latest court documents show that CSW has given the top 70 bitcoin block addresses

The court documents published by Craig Wright (CSW) on the legal defense of Ira Kleiman on June 11, 2019 showed that in the legal environment, he confirmed the exploitation of bits. The first 70 blocks of the currency network. According to court documents: “The defendant (CSW) filed a motion on April 19, 2019, explaining that […]

We talked with the mysterious sly, why do they support BSV?

After bifurcation of Bitcoin Cash in November last year, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) disappeared into the public's field of vision for a long time, after Wu Jihan switched most of his calculations to BCH. The BSV camp was basically declared to have lost the morning battle. In addition, after the currency price continued to fall, […]

The Werewolf Kill in the Currency Circle: Nakamoto's Prophet, is CSW a werewolf?

Fame and fortune is addictive. The currency circle is a naked Vanity Fair. When the fire of the stars in the blockchain just ignited, an economist named Don Tapscott wrote the book titled "The Blockchain Revolution". The slogan of the blockchain revolution rang in the north and south, the Internet circle and the financial circle. […]