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"Draining Promotion" Secret of the Coin Circle Revealed: Frequently changing Douban, Post Bar, etc. of the blockchain projects recommended in the group are the main positions

Source: Daily Economic News Every reporter: Ping Ting Every editor: Lu Jiu'an The success of the blockchain, and the failure of the blockchain, the feelings of the investors in the currency circle on the three words of the blockchain are complicated. The first second was rich overnight, and the second may become a member of […]

Xinhuanet: "Frying Coins" and "Mining" Are Popular Again, Beware of Financial Scams Wearing Blockchain "Vests"

Reporters: Wang Shujuan, Gao Shaohua, Li Lijing Source: Xinhua News Agency Editor's Note: The original title "Frying Coins" and "Mining" has become popular again. Be wary of financial fraud "re-emerging in rivers and lakes" wearing a blockchain "vest" "The application scenario of the blockchain has landed, and XX coins can make a lot of money […]

"Dollar Wars" gameplay Raiders

In order to enrich the user's needs, the CoinBene team carefully crafted the first super IP casual sports game "Coin Circle Battle", which was officially launched today. This is a relatively simple game, a bit like a snake, but it is more story and playability. For coin players, every game character is full of topics. […]

The world's first currency circle super IP game "Coin Circle Battle"

The coin circle battle is the first casual sports game with a new gameplay and beautiful pictures created by the currency circle IP. It supports multiplayer simulation and real battle. In the game, players can defeat their opponents by operating their own characters and win the highest rankings to win all the prizes. The operation […]

Opinion: Will the traditional currency circle “sit and wait” before the regular army arrives?

Summary Event: With the continuous entry of Chinese and American digital currencies and traditional financial institutions, the time left for the traditional currency circle seems to be small. Embracing supervision and striving for the market is the right way. VanEck Securities and SolidX Management provide Bitcoin ETF services to institutional clients. According to the Wall […]

Comment: What is the currency ring now? What is the chain? What about the future?

Write in front ❖ According to the coinmarketcap, there are currently 2,420 kinds of secret currency and vouchers, which does not include projects initiated by countries around the world that are not registered on the coinmarketcap. However, in these projects, what can be solved really, and how many projects are widely used? Despite this, the […]

Micro-fiction | 2019 no new exchange, only the middleman who makes the difference

When the East Third Ring Road no longer had a "public relations lady" article, Mary just talked to a project party about the currency strategy. "Try not to be killed by the new wave." Mary took a 30-second glance at the article and attached a forwarder. The new wave industry she is involved in is […]

North drift girl invests in bitcoin: after adding 200,000 yuan, she is ready to borrow millions

Will Bitcoin rise to $20,000 at the end of this year? Wang Qingqing will definitely meet. She has been in contact with cryptocurrency for two years, but the real preparation for admission is in the near future, at the price point of $10,800, she took out $200,000 to add bitcoin. At the same time, Wang […]

If you don't understand the three points of the blockchain, you will not be cut!

First, pull the disk to catch up So what is the pull-up trap? It is a coin, a long period of time is a small shock, or a downward trend, suddenly one day, soared 50%, or even 80%, 100%. When the tender leeks are seen, the music is broken, and I quickly pay for it. […]

Inventory: 58 terms that have to be known to chat with the chain people

The technology of the encryption circle is dazzling, only those terms, which are often difficult to understand, become the first obstacle to the learning blockchain of Xiaobai. Today, the battalion commander sorts out 58 common blockchains for you. For those small partners who are not particularly familiar with the blockchain industry, they must be collected […]