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Yao Qian: The new currency war has just begun

This article is the full text of the preface to the new book "New Currency War" by Nobit Hailin's new book, Yao Qian, China Securities Regulatory Commission. Authorized by the publishing house, "Carbon Chain Value" is exclusively released for readers. Regarding currency, people seem to care more about its value connotation, and the technology behind […]

Opinion | Monetization of Bitcoin and Ethereum: Who can be the next world currency?

Over the past two years, the cryptocurrency industry has undergone major cleansing to eliminate inferior currencies. Most altcoins have collapsed, and historical highs have plummeted by more than 90%. The market value of BTC occupies more than 60% of the total market value, regaining the top spot in the industry. Some people believe that this […]

"Crypto World" under the epidemic: analysis report of the digital currency industry in the first quarter of 2020

Author: Mike Produced by: Coin Circle Xiao Li & Star Media Iran ’s military chief Sulaymani was attacked and killed. US-Iranian relations were tense again. Australia ’s forest fires burned for several months. More than 400 people were killed and new crown pneumonia swept the world. China used its national strength to fight the epidemic […]

Imagine 2030: The dusk of fiat money?

Source: Deutsche Bank, the original author: Jim Reid Source: Fintech Research (WeChat public account id: fintechstudy) Compilation: Wang Zhezhu Editor's note: On December 4, 2019, Deutsche Bank's research department released Konzept's special edition "Imagine 2030", predicting possible developments and changes in the world in the "next decade". "Dusk of Fiat Currency? "In the first section, […]

A new narrative of Bitcoin value: it will obsolete all other currencies

This article comes from chain news (ID: chainnewscom) , author: Parker Lewis, head of business development at Unchained Capital, compilation: Perry Wang When it comes to bitcoin's popularity, two rules seem to never go wrong. One is that everyone thinks they bought too late, and the other is that everyone wants to buy more. There […]

Opinion | Why can't ETH maintain a currency premium in the long run?

The Ethereum project has been criticized for a long time, and opinions mainly come from Bitcoin fans, covering its design, their execution, and their failure to actually fulfill their ICO commitments. The Ethereum Foundation is currently experimenting with a bottomless engineering challenge: rebuilding a brand new blockchain, and then integrating the new and old chains […]

Perspective | Open Source Currency and Open Source Ecosystem

The wave of open source cryptographic assets is shaking the world. The blockchain revolution represented by Bitcoin and Ethereum has sparked new enthusiasm in the intersection of technology, monetary policy, social impact, and governance. But where is the fun of blockchain? We use an analogy here to answer this question. The Internet represents a new […]

Views | Information theory of money: Is Bitcoin our ultimate choice?

Original link: Author: Dan Held Translation: A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiast, original title "Viewpoint | Information Theory of Money" Price reflection information "In a free market, price is knowledge and a signal to communicate information. Price is not only a tool for capitalists to make profits, but also an information system related to material […]

Bitcoin: a digital transformation of hard currency

Hard currency is one of the most famous currency terms used in practical discussions. From political discourses on policy decisions to commentary debates in the financial sector, the term is used so frequently that even ordinary citizens are familiar with it. However, although the concept of "hard currency" is used extensively, and it has very […]

Advanced Edition Interpretation | What is a blockchain?

Author: Steven Pu Disclaimer: This article introduces the high-level concept of blockchain technology as a whole, because any blockchain technology will exhibit different characteristics. What is a blockchain?   In general, blockchain technology provides a mechanism for entities to submit statements, agree on facts, and replicate records. It may be a bit esoteric to say […]