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How to get a fixed interest rate on your DAI assets?

Author: Andrey Belyakov Translation & Proofreading: ViolaH & Min Min Source: Ethereum enthusiasts On the SWAP.RATE platform, you can use DeFi loans to hedge or profit from interest rate fluctuations. Simply put, through this platform, you can "insure" your DAI deposits. Operating principle You can fix interest rates on previously floating deposits or loans by […]

Explore the huge potential of multi-parallel Dai and what changes will be brought by the introduction of MCD

Author: Lou Kerner Compilation: Share Finance Neo Summary: Discussing Multiple Collateral Dai Recently, CryptoMondays and DeFi NYC hosted a conference call on multi-collateral Dai with four DeFi thought leaders: Steven Becker, President and Chief Operating Officer, Maker Foundation Allison Lu, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, UMA Tim Ogilvie, Co-founder and CEO of Staked Robert Leshner, […]

After upgrading the multi-mortgage Dai, MakerDao will do these in the next 10 years.

This week, MakerDao's stable currency project, Dai, has just completed a multi-mortgage (MCD) upgrade, marking a new journey for the project. In order to understand the direction of the project, Spartan Capital invited Rune Christensen, founder of the Maker Foundation, to talk with you about the next plan of MakerDao, and its newly launched multi-mortgage […]

MakerDAO founder: ETH is the most stable choice for the Dai ecosystem in terms of value drivers

The latest upgrade to MakerDAO is considered to be of paramount importance to the ecosystem as it seeks to enhance the use of Dai tokens in the real world. Maker founder Rune Christensen recently shared the company's expected roadmap in an interview with Blockcrunch, particularly with regard to the transition from single-backed Dai to multi-collateralized […]

Twitter Featured|Reddit Hot Post: 79% down for two years, do you still have faith?

Author: March only hope Source: Wildflowers 01 Multi-mortgage Dai successfully upgraded and issued 24 million stable coins Dai MakerDao official tweet released a long article announcement, saying that Multi-Collateral Dai has been launched, and detailed how to transfer single mortgage Dai to multiple mortgage Dai, stable currency rate change, new logo and Dai deposit interest, […]

Prophecy Machine Governance Attack in Maker: How to make Maker's mechanism more perfect?

Foreword: Maker has launched a new version of Multi-asset Mortgage (MCD), an important event in the history of DeFi development. Although the decentralized stable currency Dai is not as central as the stable currency in terms of asset circulation and asset cost, it has opened up a new type of stable currency, which is an […]

MakerDAO multi-mortgage Dai online, half a day has locked 2.69 million BAT

At 12 o'clock on the evening of November 18th, Decentralized Loan Agreement Maker officially released Multi-asset Mortgage Dai (MCD), which also introduced the highly anticipated Dai Deposit Rate (DSR) while supporting ETH and BAT as the first mortgage assets. . After the MCD went online, the single mortgage Dai was renamed Sai and could be […]

MakerDAO multi-mortgage Dai has been online, new collateral is still under consideration

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Maker has launched a new Dai stable currency today. This multi-collateral Dai (MCD) is supported by multiple types of collateral, unlike the single-backed Dai (SCD, also known as Sai) used earlier. Although Maker announced the new agreement as early as October, the company updated the information in an article on […]

Ciphered currency supported by Ethereum: Dai is trying to change the rules of the stable currency game

Abstract: Dai is actually a kind of asset-backed stable currency on the chain, and is also gaining some momentum in the real society. In the traditional market, some bonds are backed by the US dollar, and some other assets are supported by gold. But “stable assets” Dai has nothing to do with any major asset […]

Viewpoint | Data visualization of stable currency DAI

This paper uses statistical methods to comprehensively analyze the stable currency DAI from the perspective of supply growth, asset liquidity, borrowing demand and price fluctuation. With data and charts, we observed patterns of behavior that Defi users spontaneously formed by system incentives. DAI supply growth The chart below shows that since the release in October […]