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The report shows that the Ethereum DeFi project has grown by nearly 800% over last year

Author: Liang CHE Source: The latest report released by the analysis website DappReview shows that the dapp transaction volume has surged in the past year, and the DeFi project based on Ethereum is in a leading position. According to the report, the number of dapp transactions in the first quarter of 2020 has increased […]

Review of the DApp ecosystem in 2019-the market trend is highlighted, relying on phenomenal games to survive?

When everyone is talking about DeFi (Decentralized Finance), the once popular fried chicken chicken DApp ecology will be a bit lonely. Originally, DeFi should also belong to a branch of the DApp ecosystem, but I don't know since when the fate of DApps is firmly linked to the lottery games (that is, spinach), spinach Xing […]

Viewpoint | Incremental decentralization, decentralized and gradual approach

Author; Eric Chung Translation: Frau Yang This is an in-depth thinking and solution on how to achieve decentralization. This article discusses dapp products, but the four core ideas proposed by it are also applicable to DAO. The original title is: Incremental Decentralization. "Incremental decentralization" is my understanding of it. Increment has two meanings: 1. The […]

Dapp ecology January data PK, the daily life of users of this public chain plunged 61% year-on-year

DappRadar X PANews joint release Insights Ethereum ushered in a good start in 2020, with its daily active user base of independent wallets growing by 82% over the same period last year. The number of TRON users in January 2020 increased by 33% compared to the same period last year, while EOS is facing a […]

2020: Borderless State of DeFi

Author: Ann coins Institute, Dapp.Review team Source: Crypto Valley Editor's note: This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author. DeFi has become one of the key growth areas of Ethereum since 2019. Other competitive public chains are also building DeFi products, but they are much slower. The number of DeFi […]

4 pictures to understand the performance of Dapp in 2019 and its future trends

With the development of blockchain technology, decentralized applications (Dapps) have become a new trend, and Ethereum as the premier platform provides a basis for the expansion of such applications. Other smart contract platforms, such as EOS and Tron, have also entered the field and have been dubbed the "Ethereum Killer" notoriety. Both EOS and Tron […]

Looking ahead to DApp 2020: from smart contracts to application chains

In ancient Germany, there was a master swordsman named Michel Hunter. His "Art Fencing 100" describes various techniques of using swords. When it comes to the last 100 strokes, Michelle's style of painting changes suddenly, depicting There was a crushing battle of the swordsman against the master of swordsmanship, with a self-deprecating comment: "The times […]

DeFi Eighty-One Difficulties: Starting from the App Store delisting dApp

Source | Translation | First Class (First.VIP)   Last week, Google Play and the Apple App Store both removed crypto applications. Before the public adopts DeFi products and services, there are still 981 barriers, including accessibility, user experience, speed, and so on. The first barrier facing DeFi is the App Store / Android application […]

Funky and useful: these 12 new Ethereum things you can't miss

Source: Chain News Planning and editing: Li Hua Bad news: Over the past year, the major breakthroughs we expect on the blockchain have not yet appeared. The good news: Many new explorations are still happening, and many of them are technically proven to be applicable and helpful to the development of the blockchain. They have […]

What kind of development will the crypto world usher in in 2020? Talk about three low-key product trends

Editor's Note: The original title was "Three Low-Key Product Trends in the Crypto World" Foreword: The bear market in the crypto world continues, but the products in the crypto field have never stopped building. The most prominent in 2019 is the progress of DeFi. Compared with the beginning of the year, there has been great […]