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Dark Net Silk Road drug dealer pleaded guilty about this dark world, how much do you know?

On Thursday, local time, according to the US Department of Justice, the prosecutor from the Southern District of New York announced that Hugh Brian Haney had pleaded guilty. Haney was accused of money laundering in the first half of 2018, "cleaning" nearly 20 million US dollars of drug money. About eight years ago, Haney was […]

The low price of Monroe, why squeeze out BTC to become the "dark net coin king"

Bringing up the dark net will always make people unconsciously associate with BTC; but now the most active cryptocurrency in the dark world is no longer bitcoin. The most preferred option for illegal trading is not BTC, but the heat is not warm. Fire – Monroe. This privacy currency, which is often bundled with malicious […]

Another dark net drug dealer arrested the net: the bottom leads to the dark "Silk Road", after all, the evil can not escape the legal hammer

Recently, according to CoinDesk, another dark-net drug dealer was arrested and admitted to using bitcoin as a drug payment method to achieve money laundering purposes. Nearly 3,200 transactions were completed on the dark network using Bitcoin , and his name was confiscated after the arrest. The next $4 million in funds including Bitcoin. This is […]

Skynet is restored! Another dark net bitcoin money launderer was arrested.

The blockchain has always been a utopia in the minds of liberals, with various cryptographic-based settings that maximize user privacy. But strong privacy protection is sometimes a double-edged sword. Some people who are skeptical have used the advanced technology of blockchain as their "protective umbrella" for crimes. Bitcoin is favored by many criminals as a […]

Remember the darknet "Silk Road" five years ago? The dark market is never absent

In November 2011, Ublich, a student, established the “Silk Road” website. His original intention was to create an economic simulation body without systematic power, which can only be traded in bitcoin. Encryption throughout, no one knows the true identity of the other party. Because of this, the site was targeted by some criminals and has […]

Introduction to blockchain|A text to understand the difference between Mingwang, deepnet and darknet and the harm of darknet

Recently, someone left a message asking what is a dark network. In fact, our entire Internet can be divided into three categories, namely Ming Net, Deep Net and Dark Net. Today, we will briefly introduce the differences between them. Please look at the picture below: Surface Web refers to a network that can be retrieved […]