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black market? Washed white? Is DASH's Darkness his dark history or his origins?

[Manhua Chain Circle] Blockchain star said that the public number of conscience produced. Keep up with the hot trends in the circle and tell interesting events with funny comics. It is really a good helper for the new generation of hardcore young people in the chain circle, and a good friend at work. Anti-counterfeiting logo: […]

Dash has also risen by 200%. Should you look for the next "dark horse"?

The sudden market in recent days has surprised many investors in the industry. The biggest difference between this market and the past is that this time it was not brought up by Bitcoin or Ethereum, but started by BSV, which is hard for most people to imagine. In just a few days, BSV was pulled […]

Bitland has spent 700 million to buy Dash. Is it fancy?

文 | 黄雪姣 Edit | Lu Xiaoming Raic, head of the Dash Chinese community, said that what Dash wants to do is never an anonymous currency, but a payment-type digital currency. Anonymity is just an optional feature. Snowden, the two founders of Ethereum, V God and Gavin Wood… This year, the early "anonymous technology or […]

What is the technology of Long Wenda's summary of anonymous cryptocurrency?

The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview of the anonymous mechanisms implemented in today's mainstream cryptocurrencies. Blockchain anonymity is a particularly difficult task because the design of the public blockchain makes all transactions transparent, and the supply of cryptocurrencies can be publicly verified. Even if there is a conflict between protecting […]

Dash Wallet MyDashWallet private key leaked for two months, the specific loss is unknown

MyDashWallet, a cryptocurrency wallet focused on Dash, was leaked two months ago, and the user's private key was leaked, but it was only recently revealed. This means that hackers can steal money from the affected user wallet. In a forum post, Dash's marketing manager, Michael Seitz, said hackers could steal the private keys of any […]

Dash CEO: The Chainlock protocol can reduce network attacks by 51%, Dash security or higher than Bitcoin

According to Ambcrypto's July 14 report, recent news about Dash has taken the lead, and it has deployed a protocol called Chainlock that protects Dash networks from 51% attacks or chain reorganization attacks. Image source: visualhunt Dash CEO Ryan Taylor recently published a lot of comments about Chainlock, New InstantSend and more in an interview. […]