Articles of Data Analysis

On-chain data scan in March: Where did all these USDTs go in a single month with more than 1.3 billion additional issuances?

In the previous two articles, we analyzed the overall data situation in March from the macro perspective of big data on the chain, and then analyzed the on-chain data trends of the three exchange giants of Binance, Huobi, and Okex. Characteristics of data behavior. In addition, in March, there was an on-chain data behavior that […]

Using Messari's on-chain data to select currencies, what investment targets have we found?

Foreword Many of our currency circle's investment logic comes from large institutions, and many of our currency circle media's favorite projects also come from the investment portfolios of these large institutions. Are these investment logics, these portfolios bad? not necessarily. But how? Not necessarily. But we all like these investment logics very easily, and these […]

Data analysis: how to maintain the emerging market structure of digital currencies under the market waterfall

Author: Coin Metrics Translation: Ziming The digital currency market is still in an emerging stage. What we are currently experiencing is the market that has experienced the largest decline since the collapse of MtGox six years ago. But since then, many new exchanges have sprung up, derivatives have also appeared in the market, and the […]

After analyzing 133,000 Ethereum names, we discovered these "terror" secrets

Source: Blockchain Outpost Author: Tim Copeland Translation: Nuclear Cola Introduction: By analyzing 133,000 Ethereum names and their corresponding account balances, we find that although most people do not use real names, they can still find well-known people from them. Through the blockchain alone, we can view business transactions and track user actions. The significance of […]

Make money! How Chainalysis secures U.S. government ten-million-dollar contract

Encrypted data analysis company Chainalysis has received a $ 10 million contract from the US government over the past five years, and nearly ten agencies and a military department have purchased products and services from the blockchain company, from tracking tools to data analysis training. According to a report from Coindesk, Chainalysis has grown to […]

Bitcoin Positions Weekly Report | Multiple types of accounts throw early warning signals ahead of time

On January 18th, the CFTC released the latest weekly CME Bitcoin Futures Weekly Report (January 8-January 14th). There was a wave of rapid callbacks in the statistical interval, but it did not destroy the turbulent rise in the previous period. In this phase, the market basically remained in a bullish situation at the beginning of […]

December panoramic scan of data on the Bitcoin chain (Part 1): Global data

It's been a while since 2019. In the nearly two weeks of the new year, we have experienced the ups and downs of the currency price, and there is also a transaction on the Bitcoin main chain behind it. . We have made a certain summary of the data on the Bitcoin chain in December […]

Data Monthly Report: Cryptocurrency price trend correlation A shares> US stocks Guangdong has the most blockchain companies in the country

Data source / LongHash Editor / Carol Production / Blockchain Camp (blockchain_camp) China is an important part of the blockchain world, but many people do not understand its role. To this end, we have carefully studied the indicators of global blockchain data, especially in China. This study found: The price movements of cryptocurrencies are not […]

Weekly data report on BTC chain: The currency exchange strategy of the head exchange triggers the illusion of active promotion on the chain

Beijing Chain Security focuses on blockchain security and data services. The following is a weekly report on the data released last week based on the Beijing Chain Security Chain data monitoring system. In the past week (12.02-12.08), according to the data on the main chain, the total transaction volume has increased significantly compared with the […]

Want to do a good job of blockchain data analysis? First look at how to solve the big problem of "deanonymization"

Author | Brain in a New Tank Editor | Carol Source | Blockchain_camp In recent conference speeches I often get asked: What is the biggest challenge of blockchain data analysis? My answer is just one word: deanonymization. I firmly believe that identifying different types of participants and understanding their behavior is a core challenge to […]