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SheKnows 丨 Data is formally incorporated into production factors, how does the blockchain meet the great changes of the times?

On April 9, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Constructing a More Perfect Market-Oriented Allocation System for Factors". This is the first factor-based market-oriented configuration document issued by the central government. The data was officially included in the scope of production factors for the […]

The central government issued the first element market-oriented configuration file: accelerating the cultivation of the data element market

Original source: Economic Daily "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Constructing a More Perfect Market-Oriented Allocation System for Factors" was officially announced today. As the first document of the central government on the market-based allocation of factors, what is the meaning of the "Opinions" and […]

Bitcoin network March analysis report: hash power gains grow slowly, difficulty or slightly reduced again

This report will analyze and judge the Bitcoin network data from five major parts: Bitcoin BTC price fluctuations, Bitcoin mining, on-chain addresses and transactions, Bitcoin network status, and social media popularity. The data and charts in this report were obtained and processed by the Mars Institute of Finance and Economics and the Mars Cloud Mine […]

Dialogue | Community epidemic prevention on the chain, data security can be checked

By Wang Qiao Edit / Sole Show The epidemic is still ongoing, and it is urgent to resume work and production. The crowd of people has brought pressure to the management of communities and other public places. Community epidemic prevention has become a vital link. However, the use of paper passes has exposed the shortcomings […]

Analysis: Legal issues of blockchain within the framework of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Author: Luo Tao Editor's Note: The original title was "Legal Issues of Blockchain under the GDPR Framework"   The digital wave is sweeping the globe, and more and more enterprises are using technology to completely change the performance or tentacles of enterprises. Data, as the foundation of digital transformation, is essential for enterprises. According to […]

Can the blockchain break the dilemma of data interaction?

Source: CAICT In recent years, with the deepening of informatization construction and application, the value of data has become more and more obvious in the cross-domain and industry-wide interaction and sharing. The data types are complex and the standards are different. Data exchange lacks a source of trust and security is difficult to guarantee. Many […]

December panoramic scan of data on the Bitcoin chain: exchange giants article

It's been a while since 2019. In the nearly two weeks of the new year, we have experienced the ups and downs of the currency price, and there are transactions coming and going on the Bitcoin main chain behind it. We have made a certain summary of the data on the Bitcoin chain in December […]

Meng Yan: Digital Economy Upgrading Leads to New Global Competition, Blockchain Opens New Chapter in Digital Civilization

On December 22, the 2019 Digital Assets and Blockchain Annual Conference and China Investment Association Digital Asset Research Center Inauguration Conference was held in Beijing. Ms. Yan Yan, deputy director of the Digital Asset Research Institute, gave a wonderful speech entitled "Digital Assets is the Core of Digital Economy Upgrade". The following is a compilation […]

Research | Data Compliance, Reptile Technology Interprets Legal Issues

The rapid development of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other fields has made the call for strengthening personal information protection constantly rising. At a deeper level, the protection of personal information involves not only the protection of individual basic rights, but also the industrial development, national strategy, national security and many other issues. […]

Centralized enterprises have data leakage risk blockchain is the best privacy protection alternative

Image source: pixabay US House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pointed out in a column in the New York Times on Sunday that governments and regulators are clearly unable to effectively protect citizens from platforms such as Facebook and Google. And selling our data" and other privacy violations. He said that there are already laws (at […]