Articles of Decentralization

Analysis: Why did Twitter founder Jack Dorsey develop protocols instead of platforms?

Author: Wang Guangzhong Editor's Note: The original title was "Negotiate Agreements, No Platforms" On December 11, 2019, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweeted that he would invest in setting up an independent open standards R & D team to develop a set of protocols for social applications. The ultimate goal is to make Twitter a client […]

Go to the center, go to the intermediary, what type of center and what type of intermediary does the blockchain system remove?

Regarding the blockchain, we now emphasize more on the decentralization of the blockchain system's own technical architecture and the application of the blockchain to various business systems, which will bring about the decentralization of the business system and business processes. Disintermediation. Through decentralization and deintermediation, optimize business processes, reduce operating costs, improve collaboration efficiency, and […]

Industry Interpretation | About Decentralization and Practicality

Author: Steven Pu Figure: Cluster behavior of sardines: scattered individual activities are like centralized coordination What is centralization? Decentralization is the main goal of blockchain technology, but what is “decentralization”? With the evolution of this underlying technology and its application layout, the word "decentralization" is getting more and more popular, but at the same time […]

Decentralized autonomous organization: development status, analytical framework and future trends

Abstract: Distributed autonomy is not a new concept. Self-organizing phenomena in nature, dynamic netizen group organizations on the Internet, and distributed artificial intelligence can be regarded as their early manifestations. In recent years, the rapid development of blockchain technology has spawned the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which is a way of coding the management and […]

Nakamoto's mistakes have made Bitcoin more central. Do you understand these questions?

The "Analysis of Common Problems in Blockchain" series covers a wide range of common problems in the field of blockchain. These common problems will basically plague every blockchain developer. The basic content includes the following aspects: Blockchain technical limitations, data redundancy, security, mining, weaknesses in various consensus agreements, transaction speed, security issues, 51% attack issues, […]

Is decentralization important?

A few days ago, Erik Finman, the youngest millionaire in the history of Bitcoin, posted a video on Twitter, saying "bitcoin is dead". His main concern is that Lightning will turn Bitcoin into Visa and MasterCard (the US credit card giant) and hand it over to Silicon Valley, not to miners, all-nodes and ordinary users. […]

The emergence of distributed intelligence

As early as 1901, writer Morris Metterlink sent a question: "Who is the group of bees who are in the domination, who issued the order, who is predicting the future?"   Bee colony and bird password In Kevin Kelly's "Out of Control," he views this issue with a philosophical height: the rulers in the swarm […]

The BSV incident observation shouted for 10 years of "decentralization" slogan, and the encryption community went back to liberation overnight?

In the place where many cryptographic punks failed, Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto succeeded. He wanted us to get rid of the shackles of centralization and move toward something better—decentralization. The idea of ​​Bitcoin or its underlying technology is to get rid of centralization and censorship and move towards decentralization, where transactions are not subject to […]

Viewpoint | Why is progressive decentralization a viable way to develop contracts?

When the Cats were released a year ago, we did not choose to raise funds through ICO in advance, but instead designed a sustainable profit model. This pattern is this: we charge a 3.75% rate for each transaction in the game. Since the encrypted cat game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, once the game […]

Blockchain needs people who are truly "decentralized" thinking

"Let the people who are accustomed to the centralized thinking to do the centralization, just like the mouthful of the Western-style 辜鸿铭留辫子尊皇帝 wearing a robes, always full of contradictions, difficult to serve." The existence of trading platforms such as fire coins and coins is a paradox for the “decentralization” label of the blockchain industry. How […]