Articles of Decentralized Blockchain

Babbitt Column | Blockchain-Mathematics Reshapes Trust from Human History

Author: Murphy's time The biggest feature of the blockchain is decentralization, and the foundation of decentralization is consensus. The so-called consensus, that is, common understanding, has no differences. The power of consensus is very powerful. The Wanli year in the history of our country was a period when the Ming Dynasty turned from prosperity to […]

Viewpoint | What is the first principle of decentralization of blockchain?

Blockchain technology has built a decentralized world. Imagine: a complete value network that does not depend on any individual and does not care about day and night. Contracts, AI, and sentient beings can interact frequently, and the value flows between them. There are no middlemen, not even operations, they automatically get to where they need […]

Trade-offs in blockchain projects: climb, walk, run

Foreword: When building a crypto project, there are always trade-offs involved. Because decentralization often means that it is difficult to start the project, it is difficult to achieve ease of use in the user experience, and the cost is high and the scalability is limited. In this case, in order to achieve the final goal, […]

After the epidemic is overcome, it may have a profound impact on the development of the blockchain.

Original: Mu Mu Source: Vernacular Blockchain A sudden outbreak has affected the hearts of billions of people. Regardless of the development of the epidemic or the supply of materials, the front line of the epidemic has attracted much attention, and many people and events will certainly have a profound impact on many people and industries. […]

The Power Without License: Accelerating the Start of Encryption

Foreword: One of the most powerful powers of the crypto world is its composability, which comes from permissionlessness. Because the blockchain is open, not controlled by a single company or organization, uninterruptible, and cannot be tampered with, it has completely new characteristics. This makes the smart contract platform a license-free platform on which license-free protocols […]

How to give blockchain applications to the community? Here is a manual for progressive decentralization

Original author: Jesse Walden, venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz block chain is responsible for the area of investment partners Translator: Lu Jiangfei Source: Chain News The founders of crypto projects face some unique challenges. In addition to creating the products that people want, they also need to think about how to make the product work […]

Babbitt Column | An interesting perspective, distinguishing between true and false decentralization

I. Decentralization of "excessive gas" With the entry of traditional Internet giants, distributed accounting and alliance chain projects seem to suddenly become the mainstream of the blockchain industry. Coupled with the country's crackdown on coin issuance and virtual currency financing, the traditional public chain has been squeezed Edge strip. While the public chain was squeezed […]

On Decentralized Liquidity Mechanism: Taking Uniswap, Bancor, etc. as Examples

Author: Matthew Prewitt & Steven McKie Translation & Proofreading: Chen Liang & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts Editor's note: Original title was "Decentralized Liquidity Mechanism" Among the latest developments in the field of cryptocurrency, one of the most interesting phenomena is the emergence of a decentralized liquidity supply pool. For the financial market, ensuring the […]

New York Times article: Pursue innovation or avoid responsibility? Social media giant's decentralization movement questioned

Not long ago, Bitcoin's underlying technology was seen by Silicon Valley as the biggest hope to challenge the massive centralization of companies such as Twitter and Facebook. Now, unexpectedly, Internet giants think technology can help them solve many problems. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, said last week that he hopes to fund the development […]

How to judge the degree of decentralization of a blockchain project?

Author: Lane Rettig Source: Shinji Satoshi This is the second in a series of articles on “Becoming a Key Element in a Better Blockchain”. Although decentralization is not an end in itself, it is a means of achieving many goals, including resistance review, corruption and collusion. Inclusive institutions with multiple participations; and equitable distribution of […]