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Dex Sparkswap, the first Lightning Network, is announced to close, and the team switches to FinTech

Sparkswap is a decentralized exchange that received $ 3.5 million from Pantera Capital, Initialized Capital and other institutions. The exchange announced Tuesday that it will close. Sparkswap founder Trey Griffith detailed the reason in a blog post, saying that the number of users is not enough to keep the company going. "Unfortunately, we cannot build […]

Decentralized exchanges: development trends and investment logic

In the previous few lectures, I shared the investment of mainstream currencies with you. In this lecture, I share with you about the "immature areas of the blockchain industry". As I explained before, the so-called "immediately needed immature fields" refer to this type of fields that are just a required field of the blockchain. Although […]

Opinion: Is the long tail market the future of DEX?

Foreword: The long tail market refers to the phenomenon that the total sales of products or services that are not valued by the small but large variety exceed the mainstream products due to the huge total amount. For example, the growth of Douban in the past is inseparable from the long tail effect. So is […]

Centralized Exchange VS Decentralized Exchange Who is the future of cryptocurrency?

There is a major contradiction in the field of cryptocurrency. The invention of Bitcoin should have brought about a new era of finance: trust transactions, frictionless cross-border transactions, and uncensored Internet cash. However, a quick look at the market history of cryptocurrency transactions, you will only see a series of chaotic theft, extortion, fraud, government […]

The second "uprising" of the exchange

After the seventy-four events of the 17th year and the baptism of the bull market at the end of the year, the three major exchanges of HBO consisting of fire coins, currency security and OKEx have basically been established and continue to this day. In the past 18 years, the new exchanges represented by FCoin […]

DEX is very hot, and DEX has loopholes, saying that "preemptive trading" is a disease.

The security breach of the central exchange, such as the currency security, ignited confidence in the decentralized exchange (DEX). But be careful, humans are not the opponents of robots on decentralized exchanges. "Preemptive trading" has become the biggest evil in decentralized exchanges. The stolen stolen 7000 bitcoins allowed the risk of the centralized exchange to […]

Read the classic design model of the centralized exchange

With the release of the public chain, such as the currency center, and the launch of its own decentralized exchange, more new decentralized exchanges are appearing on the market. It is foreseeable that there will be a new round of decentralized change in the exchange industry. What are the core elements of a decentralized exchange? […]

Science | Take you to explore the mystery of the decentralized exchange structure (on)

Foreword: Recently, the BSV incident in the currency has caused heated discussions in the currency circle. People's concerns about centralizedism and easy manipulation of centralized exchanges have intensified, and the demand for decentralized exchanges has become more urgent. In order to relieve everyone's doubts, this article will analyze the overall structure of the decentralized exchange, […]

Decentralized exchanges: Why do markets need them? (Part 1)

Non-coin people may think that the concept of “decentralized exchanges” is contradictory: How can a centralized asset trading entity be decentralized? But in the world of cryptocurrencies, everything is possible. The meaning of “decentralization” is actually narrow: the use of distributed network structures in a mode that eliminates the impact of individuals or organizations. Obviously, […]