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Decentralized Identity (DID) Research Report: An Important Practice for Web 3.0 Development

Author: HashKey & TokenGazer Editor's Note: The original title is " HashKey & TokenGazer | Decentralized Identity (DID) Research Report" Foreword This article's Decentralized Identity (DID) Research Report was jointly published by HashKey and TokenGazer. summary Decentralized identity system – an important practice in the development of Web 3.0, will promote blockchain technology development and […]

China Blockchain Development Report (2019) | Distributed Digital Identity Development and Research

Author: Zhang Yifeng flat Qingrui (CBPM block chain Institute of Technology) This article first appeared in the "China Blockchain Development Report (2019)" technical innovation articles. Source: WeChat Public Banknotes Blockchain Technology Research Institute Summary The development of traditional Internet is characterized by centralized services, and each application is an isolated island. Personal identity depends on […]

Microsoft's project is comparable to Facebook's currency, but many people still don't understand it and "make it" in the drums.

Each of us needs to have our own set of digital identities to store all of our digital identity-related information securely and privately. This set of own digital identities must be easy to use, and only the user himself can fully control the storage and use of identity data. —Ankur Patel, Chief Product Manager, Microsoft […]

Read the history, current status and future opportunities of decentralized identity recognition

With technology giants such as Microsoft entering the decentralized identity domain and headline chain companies like Coinbase and Blockstack stepping up their decentralized identity, it’s time to thoroughly understand the history and bottlenecks of the track. , status quo and future opportunities. As cryptocurrencies play an increasingly critical role in the global marketplace, as we […]