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Vitalik: The benefits of complete decentralization and "limited" centralization, the blockchain can do both

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin recently shared his views on decentralization and centralization on Twitter. Complete decentralization has a high value, but "limited" centralization is also beneficial. Vitalik believes that blockchain can do both. Here is what he shared on Twitter: "Yesterday I talked about the benefits of complete decentralization. Today, I will discuss the benefits […]

Popular science | Is distributed, decentralized, multi-centralized the same thing?

A truck of bricks needs to be moved to the construction site efficiently and quickly. The foreman called for a large group of workers to move. Each person only needed to move a few pieces per trip, and it was soon finished. The task posted by the foreman is called a " distributed " task. […]

Front Running: The Achilles heel of decentralized trading

Written by: Li Hua Source: Chain News Acknowledgements: Guo Yu, Sun Zhipeng, Wu Weilong, Anxiety Research Institute In "Edge of Tomorrow", various human tactics are ineffective against invading aliens, because once this tactic takes effect, after the aliens are killed, the time will be returned to the time before the battle. Do it again. In […]

Viewpoint | Incremental decentralization, decentralized and gradual approach

Author; Eric Chung Translation: Frau Yang This is an in-depth thinking and solution on how to achieve decentralization. This article discusses dapp products, but the four core ideas proposed by it are also applicable to DAO. The original title is: Incremental Decentralization. "Incremental decentralization" is my understanding of it. Increment has two meanings: 1. The […]

Inspiration from the bZx event: essentially more like a arbitrage manipulation using the DeFi protocol and products

Editor's Note: The original title was "Inspiration from the bZx Event" The hacker's attack on bZx during the ETHDenver conference was like a precise ambush against DeFi. Although the amount of the loss was small, it obviously had some impact on the market situation over the past two days. What is a bZx event? Although […]

Explain the centralization, distribution, decentralization, and state machines in Trisomy from the epidemic prevention and control

Author: village two old Centralized, decentralized, and distributed comparative analysis. Take epidemic prevention and control as an example. For friends who have just been in contact with the blockchain, or even industry people who have been in the blockchain for a long time, they are often confused about many concepts in the blockchain. Today, we […]

Using data to review 2019 of decentralized exchanges

Author: Alethio Translation: A Jian Source: consensys Translation source: Ethereum lovers Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have started to rise in 2018 and have flourished in the past year. As decentralized finance changes the economic ecology of Ethereum, decentralized exchanges now play a more critical role than ever before, as they are liquidity providers for lending operations […]

Featured | Top 10 content producers in the currency of Twitter; Is Bitcoin 2020 really like the early Internet?

Today's content includes: 1. Top 10 content producers in the currency circle; 2. High DeFi returns depend on usage and value acquisition; 3 Overview of "Stake" in various projects; 4. Is Bitcoin in 2020 really like the early Internet? 5. Progressive decentralization: The script for building cryptocurrency applications. Top 10 content producers on Twitter Spencer […]

Fade out and rise of an old Defi project

Editor's Note: Original title was "Kyber's Fade Out and Rise" In the DeFi project, the previous article of Blue Fox Note mentioned Uniswap "Understanding Uniswap", and today Blue Fox Note introduces another DeFi project, Kyber. Kyber is an old-fashioned project in the field of DeFi. It started trading in February 2018, and it is almost […]

Du Xiaoman Releases DeFi White Paper

Babbitt, on December 25, the Du Xiaoman Blockchain Lab and Peking University School of Management released the "Du Xiaoman Financial Blockchain Research and Application White Paper (2019)" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper"). Click to download: "Du Xiaoman Financial Blockchain Research and Application White Paper (2019)" The white paper focuses on DeFi (Decentralized Finance). […]