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DeFi Zhouxuan 丨 Locked positions back to 1 billion US dollars, a new wave of DeFi is coming

Selected content of this issue: One week of DeFi data: Defi ecological lock-in funds returned to 1 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.9% over the previous week; Through the buffer mechanism, achieve a stable non-custodial stable currency; A new wave of Ethereum DeFi derivatives; Cao Yin: Maker's Easter Eggs reveal which possible major business […]

DeFi weekly selection 丨 "1 billion US dollars locked amount", "triple jump in deposit rates", the signal of the Ethereum bull market?

In this issue: DeFi data for one week: Ethereum's DeFi ecological lock-up total value exceeds 1 billion US dollars, but ETH lock-up volume has declined The increase of the currency price may cause the ETH lock-in volume to continue to decline. How to attract users to participate in Defi? The privacy protocol Aztec is launched. […]

DeFi week selection 丨 Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem ushers in an explosion period, but the issue of contract loopholes is still cause for concern

In this issue: One-week DeFi data: ETH and EOS currency prices have increased, and the total value of DeFi lockups has reached 1.29 billion US dollars Andreessen Horowitz General Partner: Blockchain is a computer that can make promises The evolution of the Ethereum decentralized exchange (DEX) DeFi Risks from Curve's Deadly Contract Vulnerability DeFi golden […]

DeFi weekly selection 丨 the total value of the lock position exceeds 1.1 billion US dollars, the DeFi era of sailing is beginning

DeFi content this week includes: One-week DeFi data: ETH lock-up volume hits a record high, and the total value of DeFi ecological lock-up reached $ 1.13 billion Biyuan Chain released a white paper on MOV stable financial system, which can truly realize multi-asset mortgage Thinking of dYdX mortgage assets plunging 50% How the secret whale […]

DeFi weekly selection 丨 DeFi lockup value is approaching US $ 1 billion. Will the "ruler" Maker be overthrown in 2020?

DeFi content this week includes: DeFi data for one week: the total value of DeFi hedging reached $ 959 million; Binance predicts 2020 DeFi trend: Maker's dominance may be challenged by Compound and Synthetix; Who will DeFi No.2 turn to? DeFi golden sentence of the week DeFi project progress in one week to sum up […]