Articles of DeFi Weekly Selection

DeFi week election 丨 MakerDAO crisis is not eliminated, Uniswap V2 rekindled DeFi hope

After the disaster, the DeFi ecosystem suffered last week, and after entering the new week, hope is also rekindled. According to the data of Dapp Total, the total value of 36 DeFi application lockups has been calculated at USD 835.59 billion, an increase of 22.65% from the previous week. Of which, the amount of ETH […]

DeFi weekly selection 丨 Lightning attack or new normal, should I buy insurance for DeFi?

In this issue: DeFi data for one week: Defi ecological lock-up funds fell to 1.29 billion US dollars, which is 18.16% less than last week A Comprehensive Interpretation of Lightning Loans: Why Will Lightning Attacks Become the New Normal? Should you buy DeFi insurance? In-depth comparison of Nexus Mutual and opyn The existence of DeFi […]

DeFi week selection 丨 bZx should be stolen? How should DeFi be taxed

In this issue: One-week DeFi data: Defi ecological lock-up funds rose to 1.58 billion US dollars, which is still an increase of 0.56% from last week The opposite textbook of DeFi ecology, how bZx asks for help How is DeFi taxed? These ten questions and ten answers make you understand One week DeFi golden sentence […]

DeFi Weekly Selection 丨 bZx Event Reflection: What Does Flash Loan Mean?

In this issue: One week's DeFi data: Valentine's Day Defi hedging totals $ 1.75 billion, and ETH hedging continues to decline Rethinking the bZx attack, who should be responsible for the loss? How is the magic Flash Loan developing? Commentary on bZx events DeFi project progress in one week to sum up According to the […]

DeFi weekly selection 丨 High ETH lock-up volume, zero mortgage DeFi for "Great Leap Forward"

DeFi content this week includes: One-week DeFi data: imBTC's weekly lockup increased by 15.44%, and the number of ETH mortgages across the network hit a record high; Coinbase CEO predicts the next 10 years of DeFi; "Great Leap Forward" Zero Mortgage DeFi; DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in 2019 and 2020; DeFi golden sentence of the […]

DeFi week selection 丨 How to play DeFi in 2020? Top investment institutions and project parties give you answers

DeFi content this week includes: DeFi data for one week Dragonfly Capital: Three major priorities for DeFi in 2020 Messari Founder: DeFi Trends in 2020 Placeholder: DeFi Déjà Vu Xie Yanjian: Risks in DeFi Smart Contracts Weekly DeFi event review to sum up According to the data provided by Defipulse, the DeFi market has remained […]

DeFi weekly selection 丨 DeFi interest rates continue to fall, where is the market's breakthrough point?

DeFi content this week includes: Market downturn, DeFi interest rates continue to fall What problems does DeFi need to solve in the next 10 years? An idea to solve the problem of DEX liquidity Weekly DeFi event review First, the market is sluggish, DeFi interest rates continue to fall Data from: DeFi Pulse High deposit […]