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Will the next DEX supporting 100x leverage really stand out?

Spot trading is light, prices are sluggish, and valuations in the primary and secondary markets are upside down, making money opportunities difficult to find? Many people find that the high-leverage products of mainstream cryptocurrencies have become fashionable when the private equity of blockchain projects and the altcoin speculation cannot be profitable at all. BlockBeats observes […]

DeFi Monthly | Lockup Achieves Record High, Cosmos Launches First DeFi Project

data: DeFi lockout amount hits record high As of January 31, data from DeFi Pulse showed that the total value of DeFi lockups reached $ 882 million, a record high, of which Maker accounted for 57.76%. In the past month, the amount of DeFi lockups has increased from US $ 6.52 to US $ 882 […]

Inventory of DeFi projects with significant progress in February: Aave & Genesis Vision

Regardless of bulls and bears, there is no shortage of topical hotspots in the currency circle. This month's hotspot is BSV. BSV surged from $ 92 at the beginning of the month to $ 455, an increase of nearly five times. Whether Satoshi Amoto is really Satoshi Nakamoto has once again caused heated debate. There […]

Value capture in the crypto world: who are the supercapturers?

The crypto world is still very early, and the entire industry is still in its infancy. In this case, which tracks are capturing value? What is the magnitude of the captured value? Blue Fox Notes briefly sorted out the overall value capture of the crypto industry, and glimpsed the current status of value capture at […]

Deconstructing the DeFi ecosystem, and multiple ways for the oracle to optimize the DeFi ecosystem

Author: Chainlink Original link: Finance is an art of fund management, and its main goal is to maximize (risk-adjusted) asset returns. Whether it's putting money in a deposit account for interest, or investing in stocks or real estate, consumers can use a variety of financial instruments to achieve different goals and avoid various risks. […]

The road to DeFi on Bitcoin

Source: Blue Fox Notes Author: Mohamed Fouda Translation: ZT Foreword: To implement DeFi products on the public chain, in addition to the scene itself, there are several key points, the value of the public chain's native assets, the throughput of the public chain, and smart contracts. From these perspectives, Bitcoin has an overwhelming advantage in […]

Featured | Examining various centralized and decentralized crypto lending platforms

Satoshi Masamoto: 5 daily high-quality articles on cryptocurrencies Today's content includes: 1 Review each centralized and decentralized crypto lending platform; 2 Some games require a closed ecosystem; 3 trillions of ETH use cases; 4 The concept of charging fees and taxes in decentralized asset transactions; 5 Blockchain social network: Use blockchain for monetization and data […]

As the leader of DeFi, how does Ethereum promote the trillion-dollar financial market?

In terms of token prices, Ethereum is still under the weight of a bear market, but its potential to drive a trillion-dollar financial market is obviously much greater than the pressure. Image source: pixabay Ethereum currency protocol requirements As a tradable asset, Ethereum is still at the deepest of the two-year bear market, and its […]

Liquidators: How to make a huge profit on DeFi

Foreword: In the field of DeFi, people pay more attention to borrowed assets, interest rates, mortgage rates, etc., and one of the important roles to keep the lending agreement running normally is the liquidator. They work behind the scenes and are rarely known, but they maintain the market Solvency. Of course, their earnings are also […]

DeFi's Dilemma and Change

Source: Chain Catcher Author: Wang tree Unauthorized, declined to reprint DeFi is one of the hottest concepts in the blockchain industry in 2019.It is generally understood as decentralized finance, that is, a financial system built on a distributed network, especially some well-known financial projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. Since this type of DeFi is completely […]