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312 plunge revelation: what is DeFi missing

Author: NEST lovers _ nine chapters Heaven 312 plummeted, and many people in the industry lost their confidence, especially in the DeFi field. Taking the stablecoin project MakerDAO as a representative, because of the plunge of 312, the bond position of the mortgaged stablecoin appeared to break through (that is, the capital was not indebted), […]

The crisis under the iceberg: DeFi financial crisis and challenges

March 12 is a day worth remembering. On this day, the digital asset market suffered a cliff-shaped plunge, and countless people's assets were halved overnight, and everyone began to re-examine the logic of the rise of the halving market; Similarly, on this day, the DeFi market encountered a thrilling crisis of trust. Run-out withdrawals, liquidation […]

Cognitive disruption of front-line practitioners of blockchain: Bitcoin, token economy and DeFi

Guo Qiang Graduated from the Astronomy Department of Beijing Normal University. Angel investors and practitioners who focus on the new blockchain and technology track, deputy chairman of the Zhongguancun Angel Investment Alliance Blockchain Special Committee, partner of Pufeng Venture Capital, founder of BUMO public chain, founder of Ratio Fintech, Founder of the Economic Practice Alliance, […]

DeFi Review: Beyond the critical DeFi network effect

The blockchain data blog Flipside recently released the heat maps of the three major stable currencies in the first quarter of this year. The amount of information is very huge (it is recommended to open the link, click on the image, and zoom in to watch carefully). Beyond the "critical mass" and beginning to show […]

The report shows that the Ethereum DeFi project has grown by nearly 800% over last year

Author: Liang CHE Source: The latest report released by the analysis website DappReview shows that the dapp transaction volume has surged in the past year, and the DeFi project based on Ethereum is in a leading position. According to the report, the number of dapp transactions in the first quarter of 2020 has increased […]

The Chicago DeFi Alliance (CDA) was officially launched, and TD Ameritrade, Compound, etc. joined

Summary: Volt Capital, Jump Trading, CMT Trading and DRW Trading launched the Chicago DeFi Alliance (CDA), which brings together Chicago trading companies and DeFi projects. To guide liquidity, many DeFi startups seek to recruit trading companies and professional traders. However, they do not necessarily understand the needs and concerns of these trading companies for DeFi. […]

Babbitt's weekly elections halving is approaching, the market is accelerating recovery, is the halving effect coming?

During his inspection in Hangzhou last week, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the use of blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies to promote urban management innovation. This is Xi Jinping's talk of blockchain technology again after learning from the Politburo's collective blockchain on October 24, 2019. Blockchain is now becoming the core innovation force of the […]

DeFi Review: Maker's leap of faith

This special DeFi Review will specifically comment on the latest series of drastically decentralized community reform measures proposed by MakerDAO On April 1, after the Maker Foundation proposed to dissolve the Foundation in the future and hand over all operations to the community, the Maker Foundation released 13 very important MIPs on the forum yesterday […]

The 10 most noteworthy DeFi projects in 2020

Original title: 10 DeFi Projects To Watch Out For In 2020 Author: Ari Chernoff Translator: Shirley This is a strange moment for people who are alive. The pandemic put the world in a state of blockade and filled the world with economic uncertainty. However, judging from recent progress, there is one thing we can be […]

Cao Yin: An economic crisis or an important opportunity for the rise of DeFi in an epidemic

The New Crown epidemic is raging globally. At present, except for East Asia, the epidemic is still spreading rapidly in all countries. Although the governments of various countries have done everything they can, no one knows when the epidemic can be controlled. For most people who are not sick, what is more terrible than the […]