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Babbitt Exclusive | A quick glance at 6 practical cases, how do medical, energy, and financial fields combine blockchain?

Recently, the enthusiasm of all circles for the blockchain has been enthusiastic, and the discussion is nothing more than three levels: talk about concepts, talk about technology, talk about applications. The first is the concept. The blockchain has often been "stigmatized" in the past two years, but after the eighteenth collective study by the Political […]

Interview with Babbitt | Luo Mei, Tsinghua University: Digital currency accounting and tax system is the infrastructure for blockchain to promote industrial upgrading

American politician Benjamin Franklin once said, "In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes." With the blockchain ecosystem, bitcoin and other digital currencies are carrying more and more functions such as transactions and stored value. How to measure digital currencies in financial statements and how to pay taxes have already become international and […]

The United States has issued a series of new data privacy regulations. Will this new wave affect the blockchain?

Source: Hackernoon Translation: First.VIP_Saline Editor's Note: Will the new wave of data privacy regulations affect fintech? 》 California recently introduced a series of new privacy regulations similar to the GDPR, which is considered to be the start of a new wave of regulations that will be introduced in all states of the United States. Fintech […]

Financial OneAccount is 40% off for listing in the US, is the second share of the blockchain worth looking forward to?

Text: Xin Nan Production: Planet Daily Odaily Editor's note: This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author. In the past, the first share of the mining industry, Jia Nan Yunzhi, landed on Nasdaq, and later went to the New York Stock Exchange to list on the financial one account backed […]

Listen to the Filecoin team respond to the core questions you need to know about testing online

Interview and writer: Brother Mao Source: Chain News On December 11, Filecoin , a highly anticipated decentralized storage project, launched a public testnet . As a heavyweight project in the blockchain world, instead of Filecoin launching its first testnet, the entire blockchain world has brought a new milestone: Filecoin uses a long-awaited testnet for itself […]

Observation | 5 pictures depicting the Web3 stack in 2019

Author: Kyle Samani, Multicoin Capital Managing Partner Original title: "Web3 Stack, 2019 Edition" Source: A year ago, I described the Web3 stack I understood at the time. Since then, I have learned a lot and the ecosystem is constantly evolving, so I decided to update my introduction to the Web3 stack. The 2018 edition […]

Satoshi Shinmoto 丨 Why was Satoshi Nakamoto born on April 5, 1975?

Satoshi Masamoto: 5 daily high-quality articles on cryptocurrencies Today's content includes: 1 Why was Satoshi Nakamoto born on April 5, 1975? ; 2 Ethereum's DETH will make ETH ultra-fluidized; 3 Vertcoin's 51% attack-case study of blockchain security; 4 How the blockchain solves Amazon's $ 400 million problem; 5 Some summary of Ethereum 2019. Why was […]

Swedish central bank partners with Accenture to launch e-krona e-krona pilot platform

According to a report by Reuters on December 13, the Riksbank of Sweden plans to create a digital currency pilot platform called e-krona. (Source: riksbank ) Swedish central bank cooperates with Irish Accenture The report said that the Swedish central bank said it would work with Irish professional services company Accenture to create a pilot […]

Yi Huanhuan, Dean of Beijing Mutual Gold Association Research Institute: "Blockchain + Finance" will come to fruition in 2020, and the blockchain will enter a new era of smart contracts

Original from: Securities Daily Reporter Ma Fangye Wang Ning ——Interview with Yi Huanhuan, Dean of Beijing Internet Finance Association Research Institute and Founder of Yigu Tianxia Group It has been nearly six months since the release of Facebook ’s white paper that Libra has entered the public eye. Although it has struggled tortuously in the […]

Twitter CEO Jack has a dream: from electronic money to social networks

If Bitcoin appeared before Twitter, would the history of social networks be rewritten? One night in 2007, Jack Do … One night in 2007, Jack Dorsey had a dream. Jack was a child used to being alone since he was a child. While other children were playing American football, he was busy obsessed with studying […]