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Coinbase overweights DeFi, 1.1 million USDC injected into two major DeFi protocols, Uniswap and PoolTogether

On Wednesday, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase issued an announcement saying that 1.1 million USDC had been injected into two popular DeFi protocols: the automated market maker Uniswap and the Ethereum non-destructive lottery game project PoolTogether to promote the development of these two protocols. . The reward is issued by Coinbase's "USDC Bootstrap Fund," which was initially […]

New Korean law proposes ban on crypto asset mortgage lending, DeFi platform may be banned

News on April 1st, the Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) has classified cryptocurrencies as "high risk assets" and it is fine-tuning the "Online Investment Related Financial Law" (also known as the "P2P Law") with a view to 2020 The bill was passed before the third quarter of this year. If implemented, the law will mean […]

DeFi Monthly Report | MakerDao encounters the most severe test in history

Since March, many digital assets have been "halved", and DeFi's market value is no exception. According to data from DApp Total, the current DeFi lock-up financial value is $ 862 million. From the curve of the value of locked positions in the last 30 days, it can be seen intuitively that the culprit of "halving" […]

Babbitt weekly selection 丨 US $ 6 trillion stimulus policy favors Bitcoin; how important is blockchain in China's tens of trillions of "new infrastructure"?

China's tens of trillions of "new infrastructure" indicates that China's development has entered the "new infrastructure" era, and technological innovation will become an important component. Blockchain, as the country's core innovation highland, is expected to flex its muscles and open the door to the trillion-dollar market in the "new infrastructure" era. After the Federal Reserve […]

MOV is officially launched, creating an ace DeFi infrastructure, making transactions everywhere

On March 30, MOV was officially launched. MOV is a next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer2 value exchange protocol. It consists of three core modules: the value exchange engine magnetic contract (Magnet), decentralized cross-chain gateway (OFMF), and Layer2 high-speed side chain (Vapor). Construct an integrated and diversified asset value exchange and collaboration ecosystem. From the release of […]

2019 financing report: DeFi replaces ICO, financing focus shifts to China

Original: Decrypt , original author: Robert Stevens Source: Planet Daily, Translator: Yu Shunsui Summary: CB Insights' 2020 Blockchain Report reviews the past year of the blockchain and provides insights into the direction of the industry. In 2019, DeFi replaced ICO as the main crypto power, and custody, tax and lending services continued to enhance its […]

DeFi Ultimate Getting Started Collection, the basics of DeFi you want to know are here

This guide is structured to provide beginners with an overview of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). First, I will explain DeFi and its attributes for implementing an open financial system. Next, I will introduce the concepts and terminology of decentralized finance. Image credit: Pixabay Feel free to jump to the part that interests you most, but we […]

Babbitt Column | Maker's Monetary and Fiscal Policy Advice in a Liquidity Crisis

Author: Cao Yin, general manager of the Digital Renaissance Foundation Director Since the price of Ethereum fell sharply on March 12th, MakerDAO's DAI supply has plummeted as the price of ETH plummeted, currently at 95,468,407 (March 25), which is 64% of the peak value of 148,369,256 before the crash. The result of the rapid decline […]

The Maker Foundation hands over contract control to the community. Is the "centralization" hat off?

On March 26, the Maker Foundation behind the MakerDAO network announced today that it has transferred all control of the governance token MKR to the governance community, which means that MKR holders are the only group that determines the fate of the MakerDAO network. Today's announcement marks the completion of the Maker Foundation's 3-month adventure […]

What are the lessons from the crisis after the DeFi mania? This flourishing message is worth revisiting

Original title: "View | Risky Business: DeFi, Ethereum will continue to grow" (Risky Business: #DeFi and Ethereum's Coming of Age Story) Written by: Taylor Monahan The author of this article calls on the DeFi project to carefully check the project's security model and to inform the users of the security risks in an open and […]