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2019: "Year of the Blockchain" in Washington, Silicon Valley and Beijing

Original: Yahoo Finance , the original co-authors: Noelle Acheson, Galen Moore and Christine Kim Source: Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Moni For blockchain and encryption technology, 2019 is a historic year. As a revolutionary technology, blockchain has attracted the attention of leaders from various countries, from President Xi Jinping to US President Donald Trump have issued […]

SIBC Lands in Qiantang New District, Hangzhou, Builds Asian Blockchain Project Bridgehead

On December 10, Yiqiao, Hangzhou Science and Technology Park, Singapore, New Zealand Digital Economy Development Foundation, and Babbitt hosted the 2019 Blockchain Innovation Application and Digital Economy Forum. At the forum, the Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center (SIBC) officially opened. screen. Wang Zhuojiu, Director of Dichuang Town Development Service Center, Hangzhou Qiantang […]

Filecoin test network is about to go live, these changes need attention

Tomorrow morning, the Filecoin project will launch a testnet. For such a heavyweight project, the impact on the future will be huge. We first contacted Zhang Yong of Filcloud and learned that there are several major changes in the current stage. The miner manufacturers, miners and other roles have very important significance. 1. Change of […]

Global Blockchain Investment Statistics in November: U.S. investment agencies are the most active, occupying "half of the country"

Text | Yuan Ting This report was jointly released by the Zero One Think Tank & Digital Asset Research Institute Editor's Note: Original title "November Global Blockchain Investment Institutions List: US Investment Institutions Are Most Active, Strategic Investment Proportions Are High" According to the incomplete statistics of the Zero One Think Tank, in November 2019, […]

Nine reasons why the Lightning Network will break out in 2020

Written in front: The original author is Roy Sheinfeld, co-founder and CEO of Lightning Network client Breez. In this article, he reviews the significant progress made by Lightning Network in 2019 and proposes that this technology will be coming in 2020. Some functions implemented. The following is the translated content: Another year is about to […]

US SEC Chairman: Blockchain technology development helps promote capital formation and provides investment opportunities for investors

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears to be very active in the crypto industry, having previously tried several times to regulate various aspects of the industry. Recently, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton testified before a Senate committee to resolve multiple issues, including blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Source: Pixabay Many countries and mainstream companies are […]

Analysis | 3 key indicators to measure the performance of the blockchain network

Original author: MixBytes Compilation: First Class (First.VIP) Key indicators for measuring blockchain performance include: 1. Blockchain node indicators (number of blocks produced, number of transactions processed, processing time, completion time, etc.) 2. P2P subsystem indicators (number of hit / miss requests, number of active users, number and structure of P2P traffic, etc.) 3. System node […]

Interpreting DSR: Is DAI one step closer to real money?

Author: Jorge S Source: Toku View MakerDAO recently released the most important update since its launch, in addition to officially supporting Multi-Asset Mortgage (MCD), it also introduced DAI Deposit Rate (DSR). MakerDAO has high hopes for it, claiming that DSR will change the game rules of the DeFi ecosystem. Can it really release such a […]

A few pictures take you to understand the new Nike patent "CrpytoKicks"

Source: Shallot Blockchain Yesterday, the patent of Nike's blockchain sneakers "CrpytoKicks" was approved by the US Patent Office. What exactly is a "CrpytoKicks" patent? This patent outlines a secure encrypted digital asset that can be attached to a physical product (sports shoes in this case) via blockchain technology, and aims to generate a unique ID […]

Bitcoin hash value futures will be launched in 2020, how will it affect the mining industry?

According to a Bitcoinist report on December 10, the development of the Bitcoin derivative market may provide mining companies with financing and support in the face of urgent power demand. In 2019, the currency price continued to fluctuate, but mining activity was still close to historical highs. (Source: Pixabay ) Large-scale Bitcoin mining In 2019, […]