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Is the opportunity for Bitcoin coming? Global $17 trillion negative-yield bonds allow more investors to vote for Bitcoin

Global negative-yield bonds currently exceed $17 trillion, making investors extremely nervous. This forces them to focus on non-traditional assets such as bitcoin. Image source: pixabay Investing in bonds and holding them until maturity will inevitably result in losses Investors are increasingly worried because they see rising negative-yielding bonds that are changing the global economy. According […]

Boxing champion Pacquiao wants to send coins, heavy punches or digging holes?

According to the South China Morning Post, on Sunday, the famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao announced his own cryptocurrency Pac at a free concert in Manila. Token, which sang a serenade for more than 2,000 fans at the concert and recommended them to participate in their own cryptocurrency. In history, there are also boxing superstars […]

Uncover the secrets of cryptocurrency algorithm trading

Trading through algorithms in the cryptocurrency industry is an area worth exploring. In this article, we explore the design and implementation of trading algorithms in the cryptocurrency industry. We focus on several factors that need to be considered when implementing algorithms, market-making algorithms, and market microstructures. We also studied the differences between practice and theory, […]

Ethereum is recognized by Islamic scholars as "halal certification", and the digital currency is also halal.

Is there a distinction between halal and non-halal in digital currency? As the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchains swept the world, the Islamic world, the world's fastest-growing religious world, was also "invaded" by cryptocurrencies. But according to its Islamic law based on the teachings of the Qur'an, Muslims have a taboo similar to the “food […]

The price is about to break through? Senior trader said: BTC has entered the fourth round of the rising cycle

According to the Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported on September 2, last week, Bitcoin fell to $9,300. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was trading at $9577, up 0.41% in 24 hours. However, the daily trading volume of Bitcoin has fallen sharply. Currently, Messari surveyed 10 exchange data for real trading volume, and the survey showed […]

Confession of a Bitcoin Mania Powder: Why do I only recognize Bitcoin?

Do you think that other cryptocurrencies are useless except Bitcoin? Do you think this idea is correct? Here is the story of how he changed from a white to a bitcoin fanatic and his opinion on this tag by the self-reporter Luc Dossis. To be exact, I was interested in digital currency in the middle […]

Why did Ethereum 1.0 fail and Bitcoin succeeded?

This article is about 3,000 words, and it takes about 7 minutes to read the full text. introduction Unless there are major deficiencies, Ethereum 1.0 will not undergo a full redesign. Why is this? Why is Bitcoin performing much better? Two important factors are user experience and economics. At the very least, to make a […]

USDT, DAI, Libra, do we really need so many stable coins?

In addition to the mainstream USDT, large companies such as FB and Wal-Mart have begun research on stable coins, but the question is: Do we really need so much in the face of a variety of stable currencies on the market? In less than two years, the market value of the stable currency accounted for […]

"Received" game? BTC early investors have already left the market with high prices

According to a recent report by encrypted data and analytics firm Coin Metrics, most of the early investors who entered the bitcoin market have already finished high at the high end and may have already left the market with high profits. Their shipping price range may range from $13,000 to $20,000. What is the realized […]

Ethereum 2.0 new virtual machine Ewasm guide: three advantages to fully hang EVM

This article explores the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Ethereum WebAssembly (Ewasm), Ewasm will replace EVM as the state execution engine of the Ethereum 2.0 network, which will bring a series of exciting new performances to Ethereum. Upgrades and other benefits, including speed and efficiency improvements, superior interoperability, and reduced or eliminated precompilation. The original […]