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BTC short-term test for $9,800 resistance, the disk is not stable, should not chase

Author | Hash sent analysis team

Depth | The dry season is approaching, the analysis of Bitcoin mining industry chain

Summary Bitcoin is an alternative asset worthy of attention. Because of its high return on investment, good liquidity, and low correlation with other assets, Bitcoin is more like an alternative investment target than it is intended to become a global currency. Bitcoin mining is the way to get bitcoin from the “source”. The so-called "mining", […]

The investment "block dog" just collapsed in two days and collapsed 400 people and lost more than 3 million yuan.

Fujian 120,000, Guangxi 100,000, Sichuan 85,000, Jiangxi 60,000, Liaoning 38,000 … In a rights group close to 400 people, group members use the workplace and "buy dog" loss of funds as a nickname, the group call Everyone "stops losses in a timely manner and defends the rights." Recently, the blockchain has developed a pet game […]

A chain of listed companies in the blockchain business to make money behind the chain is still winter

In the cold winter of the chain, a flower appeared. On August 29, 2019, Yuanguang Co., Ltd. released the first half of the financial report. The blockchain and artificial intelligence business income was 16.259765 million yuan, accounting for 2.57% of the operating income; the same period last year, the operating income was 3.294 million yuan, […]

Market Analysis: BTC returns to 5 antennas, the rebound is about to open?

There are three major negative supply shocks that could trigger a global recession in 2020, and all of these shocks reflect some of the political factors that influence international relations. The first potential shock comes from trade friction between China and the US; the second It is the cold war that the US and China […]

IEO’s embarrassment, the era of “receiving wages” may be gone forever.

"Oh… the market is in a downturn. Recently, the standard of living has plummeted." The soldiers sighed. "Who said it is not! I have not been afraid to buy a bag recently, I can bite my teeth to buy a LV in the last few months, and I only dare to look at MK recently." […]

Babbitt column | What is the investment thinking of the blockchain era?

First, value investing can't explain everything. Li Xiaolai once said a word in "The Self-cultivation of Amaranth". He said: It is not that value investment is wrong, but value investment cannot explain everything. This sentence is very profound and worthy of further investigation. What can the value investment explain and what can't be explained? What […]

Babbitt Column | Creating New Money Demands – Libra Impact Analysis and Response (I)

Summary From the perspective of currency creation, many people will understand the Libra Alliance as Libra's “central bank” – indeed, a “distributed central bank” seems to be shocking enough. However, the author believes that the alliance is Libra's “government” and asserts that this is the root of Libra's great influence – it not only creates […]

Bitcoin computing power and market capitalization accounted for a new high, bitcoin indicators are getting stronger and stronger, and why prices are sluggish?

The Bitcoin blockchain has set a new record this week – the network computing power is hitting new highs, but the technical health of this cryptocurrency is not as good as its lower price. Image source: Bitcoin network computing power reaches 83 quintillion/s Monitoring network resources and wallet provider data confirmed that bitcoin computing […]

Research Report | 74% of global BTC mining activities depend on renewable energy

Highly centralized   Contrary to the decentralization system established by Bitcoin, bitcoin mining has become very concentrated in recent years due to technological advances in professional mining hardware that make commodity hardware obsolete. This centralization was caused by the rise of mining pools in which miners collaborated and agreed to share block rewards in proportion […]