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Twitter CEO account is hacked, this is a reminder of cryptocurrency security

Yesterday, Twitter and Square’s CEO, firm bitcoin and cryptocurrency supporter Jack Dorsey’s personal Twitter account were attacked by SIM card and SMS backdoor attacks. This hacking test shows that even the CEO's account in his company may be attacked, which reminds people that if this kind of thing can happen to a famous person like […]

The data shows that there were 11 security incidents in August and the digital currency worth over 60 million was stolen.

According to the statistics of the Eagle-Eye platform of the Chengdu Chain Security Situational Monitoring Platform, various attacks and money-losing incidents occurred frequently in August, and 11 typical security incidents occurred. These include: 1. Three Dapp attacks occurred on the EOS chain, and the hacker attack exceeded 20,000 EOS. 2. A malicious website falsifies the […]

V God: Pushing Layer 2 expansion, it is proposed to increase the gas limit when hard forks in Istanbul

According to Trustnodes' August 30 report, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that if people want to increase the gas limit, then: “I recommend launching an event on Reddit/Twitter to promote the reasons for increasing the gas limit. Historically, large mine pools have felt the pressure of the community and listened to their opinions.” The Ethereum […]

Countdown to 5 days, 5G chain network (global) industry innovation summit highlights ahead of time

From September 6th to 7th, China 5G Chain Network Industry Innovation Summit will be held in Nanjing. The summit was jointly organized by Nanjing Chain Mobile Technology Research Institute and Babbitt. It invited well-known experts in mobile communication, blockchain, next-generation Internet, artificial intelligence and other fields, and corporate executives and guests to look forward to […]

Market analysis: wait and see mood is strong, the market will continue to bottom out

I recently saw an article that I thought was very interesting. The current Trump plus tariffs written in the article are similar to those of Hoover in that year. The success of Hoover’s high tariffs on other countries was triggered. The US financial crisis has led to a surge in unemployment in the country, which […]

Babbitt exclusive A-share blockchain concept stocks, the fastest growth rate of these 10

In the previous article , we dismantled the dimensions of the number of times mentioned in the blockchain of 118 blockchain concept stocks. This article is disassembled from financial data. Since there are 66 blockchain concept stocks, 66 have not mentioned the blockchain in the financial report, so in the financial dismantling article of this […]

The central banks’ digital currency is eager to try, and the stable currency of the intermediary media will be the bull market fuse?

On August 30th, Bgain (formerly Fin-bee), a digital asset investment and management platform, held a Bgain brand launch conference in Hangzhou titled “New Era, New Asset Management, New Starting Point”, and its Digital Assets Trading Champions League ( The winning team of the first season was awarded. At the meeting, Shao Jianliang, founder of Bisheng […]

Popular Science | Casper FFG: A Consensus Agreement Targeting Equity Proof

Foreword   In 2017, Vitalik Buterin and Virgil Griffith jointly published Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (Casper FFG) . Casper FFG is a PBFT-inspired and improved consensus protocol. Although it is designed to be simple , its proof of security is not simple (Easy) . The author will analyze the principle of Casper FFG in […]

How much decentralization is “decentralized finance”?

Foreword: Since 2018, the terminology of DeFi, open finance, and decentralized finance has become popular, and people often mix it. Are they the same? Is open finance equal to decentralized finance? How decentralized is decentralized finance? In the current decentralized finance, there are many centralized participations. How will these explorations develop? Is this a good […]

Telegram blockchain network will be compatible with Ethereum

The new blockchain project of the messaging service provider Telegram will be compatible with Ethereum. According to Coindesk, Telegram will release a node code that will run on the Telegram Open Network (TON) on Sunday, allowing users to try out their projects before the project's expected main network release on October 31. TON Labs, which […]