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EU Commission confirms preliminary antitrust investigation of Facebook's Libra

According to Bloomberg News, EU competition committee member Margrethe Vestager said that Facebook's Libra digital currency will become the focus of recent antitrust and financial regulators, while also confirming that the EU is conducting a preliminary investigation of the operation of this emerging payment system. Vestager told reporters in Copenhagen that: “From the perspective of […]

Vitalik Buterin: The dawn of the hybrid Layer 2 protocol

Written by: Vitalik Buterin The Chinese version is compiled by the chain. The current Ethereum Layer 2 expansion solution (mainly referring to Plasma and state channels) is moving from theory to practice. But at the same time, we are increasingly aware of the inherent challenges of these technologies, and there is still a certain distance […]

80% of ETH addresses are at a loss, but BTC addresses are 70% profitable

Since June 26 this year, the price of most altcoins has been falling. As the third largest cryptocurrency on the market, the current price of XRP is even lower than during the bear market in January this year. According to the data from, most of the holdings of the altcoin are at a loss. […]

Encrypted domain name is being squatted, sold, illegally possessed

Encrypted domain names are being profitable for squatting sales and illegal possession   The cryptocurrency has been around for 10 years, and the value of the entire ecosystem is more than $250 billion. Many edge areas of the encryption industry have grown due to the existence of third-party platforms, competing blockchain projects, exchanges, transaction services, […]

Lightning network has security risks, users need to update the client as soon as possible

According to, August 31, Rusty Russell, developer of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, said: Many lightning network related projects have security issues that can result in the loss of user funds. In the post shared by the lightning network mailing list, he said that the "full details of the security issue will be announced within […]

Perspectives | Incomplete Contracts and Blockchain Expansion

Editor's Note: This article quotes the famous "incomplete contract" theory in the field of contract economics. Although there is a suspicion of being moved, there is no lack of insight into the relationship between automation and expansion. In addition, there is no clear definition of "scale" and "scalability" ("scalability") in this article, but if this […]

Futures positions are bullish, bull market is not over yet?

Author | Hash sent analysis team Review in the past: BTC rebounded weakly, and the bears remained the main force of the market. ※Review yesterday's market analysis and get more exciting content, please pay attention to the Hash faction public number (ID: hashpie)

Thai Customs will use IBM and Maersk's blockchain platform to streamline cargo tracking processes

According to Coindesk's August 30 report, Thailand is integrating IBM and Maersk's blockchain projects to streamline its cargo tracking process. (Source: » The Bangkok Post reported on Thursday that as part of Thailand's 4.0 policy, Thai Customs will use TradeLens, a logistics platform jointly supported by IBM and Maersk. Thailand will be the second member […]

"False" gold disrupts the market, BTC or demand soars

According to Reuters, unidentified sources or sources of gold are disrupting the global gold industry, and the market is increasingly demanding an easily verifiable value store – for example, bitcoin. "Fake" gold flows into the gold supply market “Fake” gold bars are penetrating into the vaults of the world’s largest financial institutions. In general, fake […]

Aragon, DAOstack, Colony, Moloch: Comparison of four typical Ethereum decentralized organizations

Author: Daniel Kronovet Compile: Comunion Translation Team This paper mainly compares the basic methods of four typical Ethereum decentralized autonomous organizations projects. prelude What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) decentralized autonomous organization? Here is a simple definition (which may not be perfect): “Organization members coordinately deploy shared resources in a decentralized organization with a […]