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Hero Post: Wuzhen Babbitt Accelerator Potential Project DemoDay, waiting for nothing

“Which important question do you have different opinions from others?” This is the ultimate question for the interviewer by Silicon Valley investment angel and PayPal founder Peter Till. It is also the magic weapon for him to hunt talents and companies. He disdains the answer that is correct but has many people agree, and the […]

Vitalik: The dawn of the hybrid Layer 2 protocol

Note: The original author is Eitafang founder Vitalik Buterin, the following is the translation content. Special thanks to the review and feedback provided by the Plasma Group team. At present, the layer 2 expansion method (essentially referring to Plasma and state channels ) is moving from the theoretical stage to the practical stage, but at […]

European Central Bank: 54 stable currencies with a total market capitalization of 4.3 billion euros.

According to Cointelegraph's recent report, the European Central Bank said that the lack of regulation and its uncertainty may hinder the development of stable currencies with a clear regulatory framework. (Source: Pixabay ) Overview of four major stable currency types On August 29th, the European Central Bank issued a new document devoted to stabilizing the […]

The latest market value of Telegram tokens is estimated at $1.72 billion, or will become the tenth largest cryptocurrency in the world.

According to the New York Times reported on August 29, Telegram plans to launch the "first batch" of tokens in the next two months. In addition, the New York Times pointed out that Telegram must launch cryptocurrency by October 31, otherwise the $1.7 billion previously raised by investors such as Benchmark and Sequoia Capital will […]

The lockdown volume is not the team running, DeFi platform Dharma announced the business transformation plan

This may be one of the most compelling business adjustments ever made in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) field. Dharma P2P lending platform Dharma said it is phasing out existing products and turning to a new platform connected to Compound. Dharma's choice to build a platform based on Compound is a bit unbelievable, because Dharma and […]

The Ethereum Parity client exposes RPC security vulnerabilities and users need to upgrade as soon as possible.

According to foreign media, a code leak that could cause the computer to shut down appeared in the popular Ethereum Parity client. The Ethereum client Parity connects more than 3,000 computer servers worldwide to the Ethereum blockchain network. Image source: On Thursday, Parity Technologies released updated code to fix the bug. The company is a […]

Editor-in-Chief Interview | Xiao Feng: We should not only look at new things from a historical perspective

"I have half of the time now on the blockchain." Prior to joining the blockchain, he had more than 20 years of experience in traditional finance. The leader in the blockchain field began to lead the Wanxiang blockchain in 2015 with a fully ecological business layout. At present, the Wanxiang Blockchain Conference is under preparation. […]

The supply of Ethereum has grown rapidly in the past three years, with 40 million new ETHs.

According to Trustnodes on August 29th, the total supply of Ethereum has almost doubled since 2016. It has now exceeded 107 million Eth, which is nearly 40 million more than the 72 million in 2016. Image source: Trustnodes The current supply (as shown above) is 10 million more than the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expects […]

Bitcoin fell below the convergence triangle, and there was no obvious bearish signal in this round of decline.

The problem of US bond yields upside down has not been alleviated. The unemployment rate in South Korea has soared rapidly. When there is a problem in the economy, South Korea, as an economic canary, will take the lead in sensing that the world economy has fallen into a quagmire. The inflation rate will continue […]

Portugal: Bitcoin transactions and payments are not subject to any taxes

The August 27 report said that the Spanish tax authorities have made it clear that the country will not tax cryptocurrency transactions and encrypted payments . Image source: According to a report published by the Portuguese business newspaper Jornal de Negocios on August 26th, the Portuguese tax and customs authorities have confirmed that there is […]