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A small step in DeFi, can it bring a big step in finance?

In August 2018, DharmaLabs co-founder and COO Brendan Forster put forward the concept of “DeFi” for the first time with the belief that decentralized finance will become the mainstream of the future. DeFi has proposed a new solution to traditional finance based on the characteristics of the blockchain. In the current environment, the two can […]

Bitcoin developers release multi-signature UI to lower the threshold for full-node and hardware wallet users

According to Cointelegraph, August 30, organizers of Bitcoin programming Boot Camp have released a proof of concept to create an easy-to-use multi-signature user interface (UI) for hardware wallets and full nodes. On August 28th, Justin Moon released the full software code on GitHub and posted a quick guide to using the prototype UI on Twitter: […]

Founder of Galaxy Digital: Bitcoin's price is gradually solid, and there is no doubt a bull market in 2019

According to Cointelegraph, on August 29th, although the price of Bitcoin fell below $10,000 again, industry investor Mike Novogratz said there is no reason to doubt the bull market in 2019. (Source: nicepik ) Novogratz: Bitcoin has gone up a lot On August 29th, the founder of commercial bank Galaxy Digital said on Bloomberg Television […]

Ethereum DApp king returned: stable currency "Zhanshan is king", DeFi is not expected

The launch of EOS and TRON has promoted the development of DApp. Now, “ecological prosperity” has become one of the new standards for measuring the public chain. Since January this year, the DApp ecosystem on EOS and TRON has been leading the “king of the public chain” Ethereum in terms of quantity, daily activity and […]

Interview with Gong Xinbao Huang Minqiang: At the beginning of the year, the heart will remain unchanged, and the chain business will introduce live water for the blockchain industry.

Two years ago, Babbitt made his first interview with Huang Minqiang, founder and CEO of Gongxinbao. At that time, the practitioners in the blockchain industry were full of enthusiasm, and most people did not realize that the “9.4 Policy” released soon would become a watershed affecting the development of the industry. Today, two years later, […]

People's Daily: The online invoice of blockchain is no less than a reform of tax collection and management

In August 2019, the first blockchain e-invoice was opened nationwide. In the past year, the “blockchain” technology, which permanently changed the appearance of the Internet, has been co-existing with “electronic invoices”, expanding the new application scenarios of the “intellect tax” technology of Shenzhen Taxation Bureau, and letting Shenzhen reform in tax collection and management. The […]

Cycle observation | market, economy and cycle (below)

In the previous issue (click to read) , we outlined the emergence of the crisis. Next, we will combine Ray Dalio's analysis of the economic system to further explain how the cycle should respond and evaluate the BTC from a more comprehensive perspective. value. Ray Dalio's analysis of the economic system In "How Economic Machines […]

To save $1.7 billion, Telegram will release the TON blockchain code on September 1.

On August 30th, according to two people familiar with the matter, Coindesk revealed that Russian social media giant Telegram (Telegram) is expected to release the node running code of its blockchain project TON on September 1. One of the insiders was affiliated with TON Labs (a technology company founded by Telegram token investors), and another […]

Is the development of Ethereum opening a new direction? Hyperledger announces the acceptance of the first public Ethereum blockchain project Pantheon

One of the world's largest blockchain alliances, Hyperledger, has officially accepted its first public blockchain project, Pantheon, a project from ConsenSys. The Superbook Technical Steering Committee approved the addition of Pantheon on Thursday morning and renamed the program Hyperledger Besu (base or foundation in Japanese). Pantheon was first proposed as a potential new member of […]

Recommend a "back door" wallet software, stealing nearly 200 bitcoin, he was sentenced to 5 years

Born in 2009, Bitcoin, from the initial publicly traded US$0.0025 to the current US$10,000, has appreciated by about 4 million times, attracting the attention of countless people. Bitcoin, known as absolute security, who has the private key is who anyone else can't break. Bitcoin itself is safe, but complicated and difficult to understand, this new […]