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Getting started with blockchain | Ethereum 2.0 terminology at a glance

With the release of Ethereum 2.0 coming, this is the first of many articles about it, and we hope that more relevant articles will be published later. Serinity 2.0 is an important update that everyone has been waiting for for a long time, and developers are working hard on it, including some major upgrades in […]

QKL123 market analysis | Bitcoin rapid downturn, the altcoin transaction against the new low (0829)

Abstract: Bitcoin's rapid decline in the early morning has deviated from the upside convergence range. The altcoin currency has fallen sharply, and the bitcoin transaction has hit a new low in the year. The short-term market is highly uncertain. According to QKL123 statistics, at 13 o'clock on August 29, 2019, the total market value of […]

Institutions sought after, Angel Wheel financing 20 million, what is the advantage of NewStar (net red chain) that changes the underlying accounting logic of the online red industry?

On August 27th, NewStar (Net Red Chain) announced the completion of the 20 million RMB angel round of financing. NewStar is a large-scale entertainment chain reform project jointly developed by Gaowei Space and 99EX. It transforms the underlying economic system of the entertainment industry through blockchain technology, and carries out valuable content for depositing, confirming, […]

Bitcoin is the first to adopt bitcoin, and GMO, the largest Internet company in Japan, pays more than 4,700 employees in bitcoin.

GMO Internet Group, Japan's largest Internet company, has introduced a payroll system that allows more than 4,700 employees to pay part of their wages in bitcoin. Image source: GMO launches Bitcoin payroll system Japanese Internet giant GMO Group announced that starting in February next year, its employees can start receiving some bitcoin wages during the […]

Bitcoin transaction data analysis: US dollar ranked first, Asian market still dominates

There are many indicators to determine the popularity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in different parts of the world. One of them is the size of the transaction in different legal currencies, and this data shows some interesting results. Asia is still keen on Bitcoin According to, the dollar is undoubtedly the legal currency with […]

The source of the Libra algorithm, the virtual machine manufacturer VMware will become another big player in the blockchain development.

For large and complex technologies like blockchains, when companies adopt this technology for a variety of use cases and solutions, there are many ways to do this. VMware, the world's leading virtual machine manufacturer, is now helping various organizations integrate blockchain technology. VMware first did its homework in technology and then developed its own model […]

LAVA for your interpretation: Xiaobai can also understand the PoC capacity proof entry

The essence of PoC, as can be understood by an ordinary person, is to use hard disk mining. Yes, PoW uses CPU (or graphics card, ASIC mining machine, their essence is a stronger computing chip, and the CPU is essentially the same) mining, PoS is based on the currency ratio mining, DPoS is based on […]

Is the RMB stable currency, and is Tether left behind for the USDT thunder?

The New York Attorney General's Office (NYAG) investigated Tether's hearings. This hot spot has just passed, and Tether has once again been pushed to the cusp of public opinion. This time, it is because of CNHT. On August 21st, Bitfinex shareholder Zhao Dong revealed in a circle of friends that Tether will issue CNHT and […]

The data shows that since 2010, Bitcoin's return on investment has been far ahead of mainstream investment methods such as stocks.

According to Cointelegraph's recent news, since 2010, Bitcoin's investment performance has surpassed that of mainstream Internet companies, with revenues higher than 338,433,233%. On August 27th, the blockchain magazine Clock Journal CEO and Twitter user Crypto Godfather shared the relevant data. (Source: Pixabay ) Bitcoin prices soar Bitcoin's price data dates back to March 2010, when […]

Blockchain: Man-made Borg people?

Remember that bitcoin is the life of this article? It's a typical Duck typing (thanks to NPC Crypto's science): First define a type, such as the duck type definition is called a duck, walking is a duck, it is a duck. Then put other objects into this type of interface, see if the object has […]