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How does Ethereum fall into a technical dead end?

Once again, the network was congested. How was the Ethereum, the king of the public chain, which was once known as Bitcoin, break? On August 28th, Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow forwarded the report of Bloomberg's "USDT issuance caused the Ethereum network to be blocked, the Ethereum blockchain is almost full" and commented: "Ethereum […]

Parity implements EIP delay, Ethereum Istanbul upgrade or postponed until November

According to on August 28th, Wei Tang of Parity Tech said that the Ethereum Istanbul hard fork upgrade plan has been postponed. He said: We expect to complete the client implementation by September 6. Not only because we accepted the Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP) late, but we happen to be working on a large-scale […]

Market Analysis: Falling as expected, risk control is the number one priority

Today, the market has fallen sharply. According to our observation model, Bitcoin has fallen below the convergence triangle in recent months without any negative situation. It can be said that it is a clear direction. I personally think that the market is still Will continue to explore support, the decline in mainstream currencies will generally […]

Mysterious predictions hit one after another, is BTC rushing to $56,000 according to the script?

A chart on bitcoin price forecasts fired on Reddit. An anonymous author published the forecast on January 21 this year, listing some key price points for Bitcoin in 2019 and 2020. According to forecasts, Bitcoin will reach $5,300 in April 2019 and $9,200 in July 2019. Putting the forecast price on the BTC's monthly price […]

Four forces compete for blockchain + supply chain finance. What can a pure technology company rely on to obtain a market?

On August 26, the State Council issued six new free trade zone plans, and the blockchain and supply chain construction were highlighted. On the same day, 51 central enterprises signed a contract for the mutual recognition of the commercial acceptance bills of the central enterprises in Beijing. The representatives of the members of the mutual […]

RightBTC (R network) won the huge investment of angel investor Bao Erye, completed the 3.0 version upgrade

Newsletter RightBTC (R network), the industry's leading mainstream digital asset trading platform, generated $10 million in revenue last year, and the company seems to have no intention of stopping. Recently, R Network not only completed the release of the new version of APP, but also received a huge amount of angel funds from well-known investor […]

How far is it from the era of “People Bitcoin Payments”? As early as 2011, there were encrypted payment applications.

In the cryptocurrency, the coin king bitcoin has been in existence for more than ten years. Many people regard it as a tool for value storage, which is called “digital gold”. It plays a risk hedging function when the international situation is turbulent. Some people just use bitcoin as a speculative tool, in an attempt […]

Xiao Lei: The rumor is very subtle, Tencent and Ali will participate in the central bank's digital currency issuance.

On the morning of August 28, according to Forbes, a former independent researcher who has worked in one of the seven institutions (ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Alibaba, Tencent, and UnionPay) was cited. According to the news, the People's Bank of China will launch a state-backed cryptocurrency in the […]

Dig bitcoin to send altcoin, and jointly mine PoW rivers and lakes

Can Bitcoin mining machines only dig BTC? Of course not, it can also dig BCH or BSV, but just like not being able to step on two boats, the three can only take one. Joint mining has changed this game of play. For example, LTC (Litecoin) and DOGE (Dogcoin) are the most classic golden partners […]

"Slow" public chain became a new favorite, IPC knows the production chain announced the launch of IP BANK and blockchain navigation system

In the Chinese scene technology valley in Hangzhou, the coin circle "Red Bag Sister" picked up a bottle of mineral water, and when it was a neck, it was drunk… In just 5 days, IPC knows the production chain startup team and the IP Planet service team to jointly organize a thousand people conference, creating […]