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Technical Perspectives | Reflections on Citation Dynamic Language Object Models in Virtual Machines

1 introduction Ontology's NeoVM virtual machine has added several new instructions such as DCALL, HAS_KEY, KEYS, and VALUES. Therefore, the design of NeoVM-based citation dynamic language objects is theoretically feasible, which enables current language support to be closer to native semantics. The necessity of object model design   Ontology NeoVM has four object semantics exposed […]

QKL123 market analysis | fried market continues, waiting for the right signal (0828)

Abstract: Bitcoin fell slightly after 10,000 US dollars yesterday. Today, Bitcoin continues to adjust sideways, and market uncertainty increases. In the short term, the market will be partially adjusted or will continue for a while, waiting patiently for the near-right signal. According to QKL123 statistics, at 13 o'clock on August 28, 2019, the total market […]

JP Morgan Chase Quorum blockchain platform restarts, JPM Coin is ready to go

According to foreign media recently, Oli Harris, head of RM Quorum and crypto-asset strategy, said Quorum, a private blockchain project, has been relaunched in London, Singapore and the US in the past six months. The team has moved the private layer of the blockchain to Tessera, a protocol built in Java that is said to […]

Facebook tired of fighting alone? Libra Association asks members to make public voices

Libra, Facebook's cryptocurrency, is still struggling. In addition to the pressure on national regulators, the Libra Association does not seem to be internally. Last week, the Financial Times reported that at least three members of the Libra Association were deeply troubled by the review of the regulators, fearing that it would affect their own development […]

Report | Bitcoin market decline expected to increase, the lowest drop to $9500

Previous review BTC: Bitcoin will remain sideways or even weaker next week. The BTC fell to a minimum of $9,500, a drop of up to 20%. ETH: ETH may not be able to generate further upside momentum if risk aversion is not sustainable. ETH fell to a minimum of $175, a drop of up to […]

Bystack: Looking for killer "assets" (on)

“ Looking for the killer app ” is a blockbuster blockchain slogan and a sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of countless blockchain entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs worry that if they take a step later, they will be grabbed in front of others. Regrets. However, there is a new competitive logic in the blockchain circuit. We […]

The macro economy basically faces the potential impact of bitcoin prices

Beginning in 2018, institutional funding began to enter the cryptocurrency field at an increasing rate, and Coinbase's CEO recently confirmed this. However, the key to maintaining optimism in the industry is to understand whether these capital inflows will continue in the short to medium term and what are the main reasons for the inflow of […]

Trading Robot for Encrypted Assets: How to Understand? How to choose?

Foreword: The cryptocurrency is highly volatile, but for traders, this is something you like to see. Will they get a profit through trading robots? How to understand trading robots? If you want to choose a trading robot, how should you choose? The author of this article, Janny Kul, is translated by the "Liao L" of […]

Report | 2018-2019 China Blockchain Business Environment Assessment Annual Report

[Inter-Chain Pulse News] On August 27th, the 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo (referred to as “Zhibo”) blockchain summit forum was held in Chongqing, and the inter-chain pulse was invited to be exhibited. At the meeting, the CCID blockchain released the "2018-2019 China Blockchain Business Environment Assessment Annual Report", which pointed out the development of […]

Mutual Gold Association opens a special seminar to push the blockchain + supply chain financial application

Summary Event: On August 26th, the China Internet Finance Association Blockchain Research Working Group held a seminar on the application and standardization of blockchain application in the supply chain finance sector. Mutual Gold Association's leading blockchain application research promotes the application of blockchain + supply chain finance. During the meeting, delegates analyzed the advantages of […]