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Twitter Featured | Ruibo CEO: We are setting industry standards, XRP inflation rate is much lower than BTC, ETH

01 China's central bank digital currency will be launched in November, Tencent Ali is involved According to Forbes, the Chinese central bank will launch state-backed cryptocurrencies in the coming months and distribute them to seven institutions: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Alibaba. Tencent and […]

Is CSW penalized 550,000 BTCs, is this important?

According to reports, CSW (Craig Wright) lost in the lawsuit of brother Ira Kleiman, the brother of the late business partner David Kleiman. The judge asked CW to pay Ira Kleiman 50% of the bitcoin (that is, the bitcoin he claimed to be dug out with Kleiman before 2014) and half of the intellectual property. […]

TSMC is charged with multiple infringements or affecting 7nm mining capacity

As a chip supplier to Bitcoin, TSMC is the capacity guarantee for the ant 7nm mining machine. The semiconductor industry has recently heard a lot of news. According to DeepTech, the semiconductor foundry GlobalFoundries (GF) filed several lawsuits in the US and Germany on August 26, accusing TSMC of using semiconductor technology to infringe 16 […]

Market analysis: disk fluctuations continue to shrink, and risk should be avoided at critical moments

Author | Hash sent analysis team

US SEC Chairman: Will not change securities regulations for cryptocurrencies, nor will it prevent cryptocurrency development

According to foreign media, Jay Clayton, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), said he would not change the rules of the securities law by cryptocurrency, but would not prevent the development of cryptocurrency. (Source: Pixabay ) SEC does not change the rules On August 27th, Bloomberg published an interview with Jay Clayton. […]

The Sichuan mine was flooded and warned that the “parallel mining machine” entered the market.

This year's Fengshui miners can be said to be mixed. The good news is that the secondary market's market is picking up just in time for Sichuan's flood season, no matter which model of mining machine can be turned on as profitable. The worry is that this year's climate in Sichuan does not seem to […]

Source: "The central bank recently officially launched digital currency rumors" are inaccurate guesses

August 28 news, according to reports that "the central bank will officially launch digital currency in the next few months", close to the central bank sources responded to Sina Finance said that the above are all inaccurate guesses. In the early morning of Beijing time, the latest report released by Forbes said that according to […]

Top 10 hidden dangers that every novice should know before holding an encrypted asset

Since its inception in 2009, the price of Bitcoin has gone from scratch, from a few cents to a high of $20,000. The astonishing increase has made many early investors earn a lot of money, and it has attracted thousands of latecomers to come and pick up. Under the influence of slogans such as “To […]

Libra's bounty plan, the vulnerability finder will receive $10,000 reward

Facebook is working hard to get more contributions from outside for its cryptocurrency project Libra. It is currently launching a vulnerability bounty program that will pay security researchers up to $10,000 in rewards. The Libra Association is a non-profit organization that supports Facebook's new blockchain, including companies such as Visa and PayPal, which was announced […]

Bitcoin consumes so much energy, are we going to continue to support it?

Do you have such an experience, every time you take a business flight, before the plane takes off, the flight will broadcast a passenger notice (although you are already familiar with these), including taking the child in case of emergency Passengers traveling together should wear an oxygen mask before helping the child wear it. Logically, […]