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Analyst: The probability of breaking $20,000 at the end of Bitcoin is 7%, and $10,000 is becoming the new bottom.

With the recent weakening of the market value of the highest cryptocurrency bitcoin market, some analysts said that the probability of bitcoin breaking through $20,000 by the end of the year is only 7%, while $10,000 is becoming the new bottom of Bitcoin. At present, the price of Bitcoin continues to fluctuate above $10,000, and […]

August 28th market analysis: the disk is nothing new, the risk is greater than the opportunity

The unusual trend in the bond market has raised concerns about the imminent economic problems, but Trump said: "We are still far from the recession." Trump pointed out that the US economy is "strong." He accused the Fed and the news media that sang the US economy to curb economic growth. But with the approach […]

Forbes: China's central bank digital currency first launched in November this year

Forbes reported today that a former employee of China Construction Bank said that the Chinese central bank will launch a government-backed cryptocurrency and issue it to seven institutions in the coming months. Paul Schulte is currently an independent researcher and was the head of global financial strategy at China Construction Bank before 2012. He said […]

How does Bitcoin reach $25,000? Analyst: Waiting for the US stock market crash

Senior economic theorist Max Keiser believes that something bad for global stock markets is good for Bitcoin. The founder of Heisenberg Capital, a venture capital firm that only works on encryption, turned to bearish stocks, fearing that the stock market would fall 15,000 points collectively. He further envisages that a stock market crash may prompt […]

CEO open letter | imToken is very pure, even the egg lottery has to play purely

Babbitt Note: This article is the author of the author imToken He Bin's response to the "Bitpa Wallet questioning Tokenlon data fraud" , the content does not represent Babbitt's point of view. Linked node ChainNode original link: "imtoken Please stop the fake immediately! 》 (click to read) Author's Note: For the various pseudonyms of the […]

Eight questions and eight answers, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sees Libra like this

On June 18th, Facebook officially announced its digital currency project Libra, which aims to use blockchain technology to create a cross-border payment digital currency that can be used by humans all over the world. Since the publication of the White Paper, Libra has caused various controversies around the world, and the US-led authorities have also […]

Blockchain Industry Weekly: Total market capitalization fell 2.11% from last week, 70% of the top 100 projects fell to varying degrees

The report produced by the Institute of Fire currency block chain, reports Published August 25, 2019, Author: Yuan Yuming, Rui   Summary The total market capitalization of blockchain assets this week fell by 2.11% from last week, and the market value of 70 projects in the TOP100 project fell to varying degrees. According to coinmarketcap […]

Promoting oil coins, Venezuela has not given up: this is the only way to prevent the depreciation of income

Joselit Ramírez, head of the Venezuelan National Cryptographic Assets and Related Activities Regulatory Authority (SUNACRIP), on the radio encouraged people to use the Venezuelan government-backed encryption asset, Petro. Ramírez reminds listeners that its system, Sistema Patria, can now make simple, secure remittance payments online. Last year, the Venezuelan government became the first country in the […]

BCH develops the Cashscript language to build a specific decision-making scheme for autonomous decision-making

Software developers Rosco Kalis and Gabriel Cardona have been working on developing Cashscript, a high-level programming language for Bitcoin cash. When a language is bound to certain opcodes, a specific scheme for autonomous decision-making transactions can be constructed. When testing the functionality of Cashscript, the two engineers deployed Oracle (Prophecy), Forfeits, online betting and recurring […]

Proof of capacity PoC: Or will "recreate a PoW"? The new project Lava is about to come out

Why is PoW currency still able to be widely recognized when PoW is widely recognized for its energy consumption and power monopoly? The new consensus mechanism emerges in an endless stream (especially with the two rights-based consensuses of PoS and DPoS) and the challenges are repeated. Do you account for more than 70% of the […]