Articles of DeFi

"Weika" related proceedings were blocked and the amount of pyramid schemes was up to billions of dollars.

From this point of view, for the plaintiff who needs to recover, the lawsuit is more difficult. At present, the pending litigation against the OneCoin of the MLM has recently encountered obstacles, and all the proceedings in this case need to be postponed until all the defendants have been served. Since 2016, governments including China, […]

Bitcoin price research – price formation

Overview Overview Viewpoint 1: Bitcoin is still not proven to be a safe-haven asset, and its trend is strongly independent. Viewpoint 2: Bitcoin pricing and price drivers can be explained by the model proposed in the paper, and the validity is very high, but the model itself still has limitations. Introduction to recent fundamentals In […]

The centralization of EOS, is the Chinese consortium backing up?

EOS is once again the focus of controversy because of node centralization. Compared to the original criticism, the EOS community has begun to “guilty”. On August 22nd, Larry Sanger, chief information officer of the decentralized Wikipedia Everipedia, said that EOS would abandon the development of DAPP if it was centrally controlled by the Chinese consortium. […]

Blockchain Security Science: Witch Attack

As more and more people participate in the blockchain industry, the new vitality of the industry, as well as the lack of relevant knowledge and lack of security awareness, gives attackers more opportunities. In the face of frequent security incidents, Slow Fog has launched a blockchain security entry notes series to introduce blockchain security related […]

Cross-border dialogue | How do Haier, Fast, Sany, Changhong and other well-known companies view the digital economy?

On August 24th, "2019 Haichuang Chain Borderless Innovation Forum and Anniversary Celebration" was held in Qingdao. Zhang Jian, CEO of Haichuang Chain, announced plans for three “nothing” without borders, unlimited games, and no questions about Xidong: As an open blockchain incubation acceleration platform, Haichuang Chain plans to integrate blockchains with mainstream technologies such as Internet […]

Bank of England Governor: Libra-like digital currency will be the best option to replace the dollar system

Twenty years ago, in the discussion of “monetary policy challenges” by central banks and policy makers, the arguments of everyone’s research were still in the stages of “inflation” and “flexible exchange rate”. Nowadays, people have finally proposed to use digital currency as a solution. A new way of monetary dilemma. On August 23, at the […]

The undead black swan: from ICO to IEO

If you want to discuss the biggest hot spot in the currency this year, many people will say that it is IEO. The currency restarted Launchpad, which caused a huge reaction in the market and even pushed Bitcoin from a bear market to a bull market. There are many kinds of sounds on the market […]

The number said that 50 star blockchain projects fell below the issue price, and more than 10 projects were nearly zero.

Written in the front: In 2017-2018, the blockchain showed unprecedented prosperity, hundreds of billions of dollars were put into the market, and thousands of projects were established. Nowadays, the tide has faded and the industry has been in a downturn: the currency price in the secondary market has continued to fall, and the technology has […]

QKL123 market analysis | Bitcoin suddenly pulled up, the altcoin weak linkage (0826)

Abstract: Bitcoin has been suppressed in the early morning, but the weak side of the altcoin is linked. The offensive in the market can be slightly insufficient, and the uncertainty is short-lived. The short-term market continues to fluctuate and adjust, and the possibility of BTC stabilizing upwards has increased. According to QKL123 statistics, at 13 […]

Research | What is the impact of Brexit on the digital currency market?

Is Brexit an opportunity for digital currencies to gain a foothold in Europe?   With the intensification of the US-China trade war, the uncertainty of the financial market is getting bigger and bigger. So far, the long-standing trade dispute between the two major economies in the world has not yet ended. Unfortunately, the market has […]