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How to truly decentralize DeFi?

Currently, one of the main criticisms of decentralized finance (DeFi) is how decentralized it is? Critics assert that if the Maker, 0x, Compound, etc. agreement is to control the smart contract of the agreement through a centralized company, and can close or terminate the contract at any time, then these agreements can not be labeled […]

The pledge mining ecology has gradually prospered, but still faces many challenges. Can you still feel comfortable with Staking?

All blockchain networks have one thing in common: transactions need to be verified. For example, Bitcoin uses Proof of Work (PoW), the so-called mining, which requires a lot of power. Proof of Entitlement (PoS) is another kind of consensus mechanism. It has different evolution forms and mixed modes. We call these pledges, namely Staking. The […]

Defi reports: The total amount of encrypted loans is approaching $5 billion, and interest earns only 1.83%.

Microfinance is increasing. On August 15th, the credit credit evaluation startup Graychain released a 26-page Defi loan product report showing that crypto loans are currently worth more than $4.7 billion, but lenders only earn $86 million (or 1.83%). Interest income. At present, credit is considered to be one of the important mechanisms to increase the […]

Data Analysis: Demystifying the Real Status of DeFi Lending Products

In the first half of the year, DeFi is undoubtedly one of the industry's outlets. Many people think that DeFi is the best application of Ethereum smart contract, even the best landing scene of blockchain. Debit, decentralized exchanges and stable currencies basically constitute DeFi's “troika”, and the development of the lending market is particularly striking. […]

Linda Xie: Where is the future of decentralized finance?

DeFi , also known as "open finance," is one of the most interesting areas in the cryptocurrency industry to date. While DeFi creates something that doesn't seem to be much different from many of our existing financial systems (such as loans, loans, derivatives, etc.), at a higher level, it's often more automated and eliminates "middle […]

Babbitt exclusive | dForce is invested by the mysterious bank, intends to launch an index-type stable currency pair Libra?

Today (August 7th), the blockchain-based decentralized financial DeFi and currency agreement platform dForce announced the completion of the first round of strategic financing, and plans to officially release the synthetic index-based stable currency USDx based on Ethereum on August 8. At the same time, the USDx chain will be launched. dForce was founded by Yang […]

Has Dharma plunged too much? Decentralization is not enough, the mode is difficult to sustain is the key

Today, some media exposed the centralized lending platform Dharma lock-up assets plummeted, users difficult to raise coins, contract code has been closed, causing anxiety and panic among community users. Some users even suspect that the team is running out of money? Through the author's understanding, Dharma does have its drawbacks, but there is also a […]

DeFi transaction: A large number of CDPs appear on MakerDAO, but the amount of collateral is close to 0

Create a large number of CDPs in MakerDAO Through Alethio's monitoring data, we noticed that in the past two weeks, the Maker CDP's Open action has soared: Figure 1 – CDPs began in July 2019 From July 26th to July 30th, the peak on the chart lasted for 5 days. At the peak – July […]

Looking at the DeFi asset management platform from the point of view of the traditional fund: What is the future cap of the DeFi world?

The appearance of the third generation of the financial world should be the financial system of people, the finance of people and enterprises, the finance of enterprises and enterprises, and a decentralized financial system. In the future, the asset management platform in the blockchain world should have six characteristics: transparency of asset management platform, independence […]

Does the DeFi market have no ceiling? How to introduce quality assets is the key

On July 25th, the "DeFi Feature Series" initiated by a chain community, DeFi Lab, DOS Network, and Hydro started the first online AMA around "Derivatives". The event went to the MARKET Protocol and Kyber. A guest, and the founder of DeFi Lab, Dai Shichao, acted as the host. Seth Rubin, co-founder and CEO of the […]