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DApp Eco-observation: How does the aura of the chain tour developers who have been taken away by DeFi to break out?

“DApp is cool, are you still concerned? ” "Don't mention it, uncover the scars of my memory. " “Recently updated the article? Advise you to change direction and choose a hot topic.” "The earliest entry is the best, the amount of investment is not too big, once you become a big game player, you are […]

What is the article describing the future cap of the DeFi world?

This article has a total of 8167 words and has a long reading time. "The appearance of the third-generation financial world should be the financial of people, the finance of people and enterprises, the finance of enterprises and enterprises, and a decentralized financial system." 1. opening Keywords: current global fund size, fund classification, fund operation […]

Noah's wealth of 3.4 billion big thunder detonated, DeFi has come!

This week, there has been a major event in the financial market. Perhaps you have learned from various channels that Noah Wealth and Chengxing Holdings’ 3.4 billion debt financing and thundering related articles. The author is a 10-year traditional financial practitioner and district. Blockchain enthusiasts, based on their understanding of the blockchain DEFI and traditional […]

When Veil, which had been invested by Sequoia and other institutions, was out of service, did DeFi encounter the first Waterloo?

Today (July 12), the star DeFi project Veil announced that it will stop running. The project has been supported by well-known venture capital institutions such as Paradigm, Sequoia and 1confirmation. Built on the Ethereum network, Veil is a peer-to-peer forecasting market and derivatives trading platform. Users can create their own forecasting market by logging into […]

Is DApp a fake requirement? DeFi is the real use case for Ethereum to live

Those who are concerned about cryptocurrencies will definitely notice a word DeFi that has appeared frequently. DeFi, the open finance, the most representative of which is the decentralized lending platform MakerDAO and its stable currency Dai. However, Dai is just the tip of the iceberg in this growing open financial ecosystem. Although the expansion of […]

DeFi also works on Bitcoin networks

Today, the favorite topic of Ethereum evangelists is DeFi, Decentralized Finance. The basic idea of ​​DeFi is to replace almost all traditional financial services with some kind of decentralized network or application. For example, a decentralized exchange like Uniswap allows users to directly trade multiple tokens issued on the Ethereum network without the need for […]

Where is the development bottleneck of DeFi? What is the opportunity?

DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is a term that originated in the cryptocurrency native community and has formed a trend in the cryptogenous community that is incompatible with traditional centralized financial institutions. However, despite the high heat, the limited number of DeFi users has been a problem. HashKey Capital, a blockchain investment fund, wrote a report, but […]

The next tipping point "DEFI" in the blockchain

Editor's note: DeFi, Decentralized Finance, is one of the fastest growing areas of blockchain applications in 2019, and its prospects are optimistic in the industry. "We still have to go back to the old road of Nakamoto, DeFi is the direction of the crypto assets." Lipus, Ph.D., Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada, believes that […]

Babbitt Column | Traffic Wars or Ignition Blockchain Technology Innovation (1): When the exchange meets Defi

“Our dinner is not from the blessings of the butchers, winemakers and bakers, but from their concerns about their own interests.” –Adam Smith I. Innovative cemetery: the digital currency industry in the comfort zone As an industry that has been crowned with the title of “One-day currency, one-year in the world”, the blockchain field that […]

DeFi Research Report | Distributed financial network value initial multi-category interactive tools vying for admission

Guide Finance is one of the relatively mature areas in which blockchain technology is currently used, and it is also the most likely direction to achieve rapid landing. The reason is that it can improve or solve the problems of traditional centralized finance such as user thresholds, counterparty risk, etc., thereby improving efficiency and realizing […]