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Defi's core values, development logic and key trends

1. Summary 1. The main directions of traditional financial innovation are: faster value flow, greater flow range, and more penetrating risk assessment methods. Blockchain technology naturally matches the innovative direction of traditional financial services. 2. Traditional financial business application blockchain technology, which is the “blockchain financial business” that has been developed since 2014, currently achieves […]

DeFi Lending Overview | May 2019 News

Foreword: DeFi has grown rapidly in recent months, with borrowing reaching new highs. With the update of the agreement, the increase of functions and the improvement of the user interface, the overall scale is still rising, indicating that demand in this area is strong. Digital asset lending for open financial agreements such as MakerDAO, Compound, […]

She Knows | Kill Wall Street? This is not what DeFi has to do!

In the past year, DeFi Eco has begun to take shape in Ethereum, and has produced thousands of applications around stable currency, lending, derivatives, decentralized exchanges and other businesses. What are the financial shocks and technical challenges that DeFi, which is considered to be the new financial technology revolution, will bring? Looking at the current […]

Interview with She Knows | DeFi lost: 90% of users don't care about technology, the key to killer applications is whether it can be commercial

Some people say that DeFi is the third wave of the blockchain industry after Bitcoin and ICO. Under the tide, where is the challenge? What about the trend? On the morning of June 13, Babit's first community interactive interview column, She Knows, the first phase of the first DeFi technology special event kicked off. The […]

No DeFi outside Ethereum? Where are the opportunities for overtaking EOS corners?

No Defi outside Ethereum? Defi is Decentralized Finance, a concept that ignited in the cryptocurrency circle in 2019, reflecting to some extent the compromise of the blockchain. The financial sector is where the blockchain can be subverted. However, Defi projects such as MakerDAO, Dharma, dydx, and Compound, which are available for enumeration, are built on […]

The amount of locks exceeds MakerDAO's EOSREX, not enough to declare the future of DeFi

Just the reproduction of the lease on the chain. Editor's Note: On DAppTotal's DeFi lockout value list, EOS REX squeezed MakerDAO to second with more than 20 days. We are naturally curious about the reasons for its rapid increase. This is not only related to the operating mechanism of the two public chain ecosystems of […]

POS Guide: Everything you need to know

POS has become one of the hottest topics in the field of cryptocurrency. But what exactly is POS? This guide answers this question comprehensively. At the highest level, POS proves to be an algorithm that helps blockchains reach consensus based on user token ownership rather than mining stakes. To help you understand what this means, […]

Who is the real user of DeFi?

Who has the most loyal users in Defi products? Among all current Defi products, MakerDAO has the largest user base. Second, the second echelon may be Compound, Uniswap, Argur, and so on. Previously, the Orange Book discussed the different types of Defi products that different users would choose to use in "Pantera Capital: The Investment […]

Why is it that the use of daily users counts DApp usage unscientific?

The old-fashioned financial media Wall Street Journal recently published an article that poured a large bucket of cold water into the decentralized application. The Wall Street Journal article said that investors in the blockchain sector have invested billions of dollars, but the current decentralized applications are still less of a concern, and for decentralized applications, […]

Finally, someone said what DeFi is and what it can do | DeFi Series

In the digital currency ecology, other track patterns tend to be stable, and decentralized lending still has a blank. Since the beginning of 2019, DeFi has become a hot topic in the field of blockchain. The platforms and products that provide DeFi services have also sprung up. Among them, decentralized lending projects have caused a […]