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Decentralized financial DEFI, EOS is coming

On March 3 this year, EOS founder BM said in the telegraph group that "good things are coming soon", there will be major initiatives, and later said that specific news will be announced in June. One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and members of the group consulted “what is good thing”, but BM did […]

The blockchain application closest to the money has landed: Will the decentralized financial market blow out?

Recently, the lEO (Initial Exchange Offering), which has attracted people's attention, seems to have been rushing and rushing. It has been a few months since it has been quiet in the currency. The reason for this is that the rise of lEO is still due to investors' enthusiasm for cryptocurrency , and is willing to […]

DeFi, the current difficulties, the future can be expected!

DeFi, English for Decentralized Finance, or distributed finance, can also be understood as decentralized finance. It must be made clear that this concept is based on the blockchain blockchain as the basis for the underlying R&D technology. Defi is a concept relative to the existing financial system and technology finance. In terms of the distributed […]

Leading encryption companies, DeFi organizations, and financial technology how to build different communities

Foreword: DeFi is a new stage of financial development. It is still developing very early, but it will have a major impact on future finance. In terms of community involvement, how is it different from traditional banking and financial technology? What are its strengths and weaknesses? The author of this article is Steven Ehrlich, translated […]

Bit Continental in the DeFi field: read MakerDAO in a text

The development of DeFi is attracting more and more attention. If DeFi will have a bright future, then MakerDAO is no different from the behemoth of this great field, such as the bitland in the mine. According to DEFI PULSE, the MakerDAO project has locked a total of $398.6 million so far, and the locked […]

Why did DeFi suddenly rise? Is the new model that relies on technology really reliable?

Every time in the face of major transformation, I always said that Internet companies are the fastest, but this time the "financial revolution" did not have Internet companies in the front, the first to start layout and do well is still JP.Morgan, Citi What about PwC? Finance has always been for oligarchy services, but it […]

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has become a mainstream trend? Look at these killer products, maybe you will understand

Trend: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) In 2019, DeFi Finance became one of the most interesting topics in the 2019 blockchain field. According to Consensys, more than 100 cutting-edge blockchain projects are pioneering in decentralized finance, such as Ethereum-based stable currencies, DEX (decentralized exchanges), investments, derivatives, payments. , loans and insurance platforms. Surprisingly, statistics show that decentralized […]

Can I empty the trash without a counterparty? DeFi is really getting more and more interesting

The evolution of the DeFi world is fast. If you think that DeFi is just a clumsy imitation of the real world of finance, then this article may change your mind today. It proposes an optimization scheme based on the joint curve model, which can realize the short function without counterparty. I believe that the […]

The next vent of the currency circle gave the Ethereum holders a shot in the arm

The winter of the coin seems to have passed. From the beginning of the year, Facebook, JP Morgan and other giant hair coins, to the model currency, the IEO is in full swing. The hot spots in the first half of 2019 have never been interrupted. Compared to these fleeting hot spots, there is a […]

Getting Started with Blockchain What is DeFi (Decentralized Finance) that has been hotly debated recently?

Recently, many people in the industry and the media are discussing DeFi and discussing the ecosystem and future development prospects of DeFi. So what is DeFi? Is it the same thing as FinTech? If not, what is the difference? Today, let's take a look at DeFi. 01 What is DeFi and how is it different […]