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Guo Yuhang: Call on the country to pilot a special tax for bitcoin mining, and to nurture the development of blockchain technology

On December 8, the Blockchain Summit Forum hosted by the China Blockchain Application Research Center was held in Beijing. The theme of this forum is very interesting. It is called "The Prospect of the Future Popular Blockchain 2020", and you can see the wonderful expectations of the organizers. At the meeting, Guo Yuhang, Director of […]

One-week regulatory review | German law allows banks to trade cryptocurrencies, changes in Asian law

Some of the major regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency space have changed this week. Not only has Germany passed a bill allowing banks to sell and store cryptocurrencies, South Korea and Thailand are also revising laws to better regulate the crypto industry. We will also cover crypto news involving the governments of China, Japan and […]

Babbitt Column | Is Quantitative Trading in the Blockchain Really Reliable?

Editor's Note: The original title was "Quantitative Transaction on Blockchain" I. Causes A couple of days ago, my friend pulled me into a digital currency quantitative trading group. After getting up, I found out that although the current currency market is not good, the group doing quantitative trading is not idle at all. The discussion […]

Babbitt Column | A Clear Understanding of Dapp from Multiple Perspectives

The news of Binance's acquisition of DappReview has captured the hot spot of the currency circle. It may be because the currency circle is still in the early stages of development, or because it is decentralized and has no authority. The same is true for Dapps, each with its own definition. Dapp, literally means: decentralized […]

South Korea: Taxes on cryptocurrency transactions expected to start in 2020

The South Korean government is preparing to take legal measures to tax capital gains from the sale of crypto assets. Special legislation for digital asset transactions is expected to be introduced in the 2020 tax season. South Korea plans to charge cryptocurrency capital gains tax South Korea has been one of the most active cryptocurrency […]

Perspective | 170,000 Ethereum and 400,000 ENS Domain Names

Author: ENSdaddy Source: Ethereum enthusiasts ENS to NFT, DAI to ERC20 After the bubble, DeFi, which survived the Ethereum ecology in the big waves, seems to be the only landing project that can justify itself. ERC20 Token contributed to a large number of crazy financing of shitcoin, but only a few self-consistent projects on the […]

Undercurrent surging, ERC-20 BTC is stirring the market

Author: Mr. Zhang Source: Crypto Valley Borrowing is an old business, very old and old. Ancient Chinese books record that in the history of the Jews, the red-headed businessman Hu Xueyan started his business from a money bank, and modern bankers started by borrowing money as leverage. A very similar financial history is happening in […]

The "fetters" of the blockchain: the public chain and the alliance chain finally have a battle

By Hao Tian The term "fetters" is often used in Japanese culture to indicate relationships and bonds between people. What we are familiar with in the Naruto anime is the bond between people in the ninja world. Among them, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke's constant "fetters" are the most thought-provoking and will break your tear […]

On the eve of the birth of China's digital currency: the pilot of the central bank, the four major horse races, can it lead the world?

Source: Finance Magazine (id: i-caijing) Author: "financial" correspondent Zhang Wei Edit: Yuan Man   The four major state-owned commercial banks, the three major telecom operators, Huawei … The main institutions have entered the bureau, and China's legal digital currency is driven by the central bank's innovative power and is about to enter the life application […]

Lingting 2020 New Year's Eve speech lineup announced, 5 highlights and big exposure

"I only lend you my body, you lend me your dream." -"Gattaca" In the past year, what have you identified and what have you been uncertain about? May be these are ok: In 2019, we saw 10 million blockchain electronic invoices available on the Tencent blockchain; the Ant blockchain has landed in more than 40 […]