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DeFi guardian: DeFi insurance agreement

Source: Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) Author: king The bZx protocol was hacked in the currency circle, causing a crisis of trust in the DeFi ecosystem. Pessimists see it as a "DeFi death knell", while optimists believe that this is just a pain in the growth of DeFi. In the long run, the risk control […]

DeFi weekly selection 丨 Lightning attack or new normal, should I buy insurance for DeFi?

In this issue: DeFi data for one week: Defi ecological lock-up funds fell to 1.29 billion US dollars, which is 18.16% less than last week A Comprehensive Interpretation of Lightning Loans: Why Will Lightning Attacks Become the New Normal? Should you buy DeFi insurance? In-depth comparison of Nexus Mutual and opyn The existence of DeFi […]

MakerDAO Risk Leader: ProgPoW may put DeFi at risk, Maker may need to stand as soon as possible

Source: Twitter Compilation: block rhythm MakerDAO head of risk Cyrus Younessi tweeted yesterday that if Ethereum uses the ProgPoW algorithm, the DeFi protocol will be put at risk. Cyrus Younessi said that if you are concerned about mortgage-based DeFi systems, such as Maker / Dai, Compound, dYdX, etc., please consider your attitude towards ProgPoW. I […]

Can DeFi become a solution to the difficult financing of SMEs?

Content: Calvin Xiao; small eyes like a knife; Amber Editor: Tony Feng Recently, there have been more paragraphs about companies lacking money. "Every company that draws money says that the finance is from Hubei, and it has been isolated. It feels that Hubei's finance has monopolized the entire industry. Will the people of Hubei be […]

Crypto industry talent demand grows 26%, let's see what new positions are available?

The market continues to fluctuate, but the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are beginning to emerge with many jobs. Let's take a look at the hottest new positions now. Highlights of this article Despite the ups and downs in the crypto market, the demand for skilled workers in the industry increased by 26% year-on-year In the […]

DeFi Monthly Report | bZx incident rethinking, what do DeFi oracles, insurance, and governance do?

According to the data of Dapp Total, the total value of the 36 DeFi application lock positions has been calculated at USD 1.34 billion, of which the ETH lock position is 3.71 million, accounting for 3.37% of the total ETH supply; EOS lock position is 6.94 million, accounting for EOS total supply is 6.83%. The […]

Comprehensive analysis of the MakerDAO governance system: Taking 2% governance events as an example

Written by: Cao Yin, Managing Director, Digital Renaissance Foundation Source: Chain News There have been a lot of research studies on DeFi, but there has been very little discussion on DeFi governance research. Perhaps because DeFi is still in an explosive stage of rapid development, the importance of governance has not yet emerged. DeFi is […]

Depth | A Comprehensive Interpretation of Lightning Loans: Why Will Lightning Attacks Become the New Normal?

Source: Chain News Author: Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner of Dragonfly Capital, a cryptocurrency venture capital firm Lightning loans have recently become a hot topic. Two hackers used lightning loans to attack the margin trading agreement bZx . The first arbitrage amount was US $ 350,000 , and then they carried out a pirated attack of […]

"True Incense Law" is inevitable, Compound, the DeFi agreement, announced the issuance of governance token COMP to achieve a decentralized governance process

Open finance, or Decentralized Finance (DeFi) startup Compound, announced a new plan to decentralize the governance process of its unmanaged loan agreements. As detailed in a blog post published Wednesday, Compound will issue a governance token, COMP, that allows holders to "suggest, debate, and implement changes to the Compound protocol-without having to rely on or […]

Anchor Coin Watch: Can Bitcoin on Ethereum Break the DeFi Ceiling?

Source: Odaily Planet Daily (ID: o-daily) Author: Huang Xue Jiao On February 14, Huobi Global announced that it will issue a 1: 1 anchored Bitcoin HBTC on Ethereum. Bitcoin-backed token, Bitcoin-backed token, is as easy to understand as its name, but why is it necessary to issue BTC anchor coins based on other public chains? […]