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What does De in DeFi mean and what does it mean for the blockchain industry?

Author | Oscar W Translation | Huohuo Sauce Production | Blockchain Base Camp The concept of blockchain was first proposed by Stuart Haber and Scott Stornetta in 1991. Until 2008, Nakamoto Satoshi conceptualized the first blockchain and created Bitcoin. Since then, countless projects have emerged, hoping to revolutionize the field of blockchain. However, it was […]

Babbitt Exclusive | Staking + DeFi + DAO, the rough collision of complex transactions and simple governance

Recently, the author has seen two messages in succession. Because the names are very similar, they almost confuse me. Message 1: Jonas Lamis, CEO of Tezos Capital, founded Staker DAO, and holders of Staker Token (STKR) will generate value from the DeFi agreement. Message 2: Stake service provider Stake Capital launches Stake DAO, announcing that […]

Community, DAO, DeFi, this conference changed my view of the crypto world

Community, DAO, DeFi. These are the three most prominent hot signals that the author Lou Kerner saw on this ETHDenver. What will the continuous rise of community + DAO + DeFi bring us in the next three to five years? There seems to be a lot of imagination. —— Typto Author: Lou Kerner Translator: Typto […]

Valuing DeFi tokens? Look at the head DeFi token price-earnings ratio and future value analysis

Written by: Lucas Campbell at Fitzner, a blockchain consulting and DeFi rating company Source: Chain News In traditional finance, the price-to-earnings ratio (PE) is a simple formula used by investors to evaluate the relationship between a company's future growth expectations and its earnings. By definition, a price-earnings ratio is the market willingness to pay $ […]

DeFi Trust Crisis: Rethinking the bZx Incident

Text: 嚯 嚯 Source: Hive Finance Editor's Note: Original title was "DeFi Trust Crisis" Six days have elapsed since the assets of the DeFi loan agreement bZx were stolen, and the crisis of trust that has grown has not subsided. On February 15th and 18th, the attacker used the "contract loophole" of the DeFi loan […]

DeFi week selection 丨 bZx should be stolen? How should DeFi be taxed

In this issue: One-week DeFi data: Defi ecological lock-up funds rose to 1.58 billion US dollars, which is still an increase of 0.56% from last week The opposite textbook of DeFi ecology, how bZx asks for help How is DeFi taxed? These ten questions and ten answers make you understand One week DeFi golden sentence […]

Babbitt weekly election 丨 FCoin came to an abrupt end after a thunderstorm; "Mentougou" bitcoin whale lost thousands of bitcoins

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that have changed the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a […]

Opinion: DeFi attack stems from "centralization of rights" and is a pain in growth, not a "knell"

Whether you like it or hate it, the topic of decentralized finance (DeFi) has been sweeping the cryptocurrency space lately. By using smart contracts on the blockchain, DeFi applications can provide loans and a variety of other financial services without the need for a trusted third party. Image credit: Pixabay Only code is needed to […]

Flash loan strategy: Can an attacker take Maker's $ 700 million collateral?

Foreword: Since the bZx incident, flash loans have become familiar to everyone. What happens if I use a flash loan to make a governance attack on Maker? Before the flash loan, the cost of launching a governance attack was very high. A crowdfunding strategy may be used. With flash loan, as long as there is […]

MakerDao urgent vote to prevent governance attacks, this crisis may be related to the life and death of DeFi

The surprise that the lightning loan brought to people at first has gradually turned into fear. This disruptive innovation has opened the Pandora's box of DeFi. After two consecutive attacks on the DeFi protocol bZx this week, a total of 3,571 ETH (nearly $ 900,000) assets were lost, and yesterday, the article " Stealing All […]