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Lightning Loan: New DeFi Project Gameplay, How to Attack MakerDao for $ 700 Million

Source | Author | Dominik Harz Compilation | First Class-Mark Without delay in introducing a new governance contract, you risk stealing all of Maker's collateral ($ 700 million) and using Lightning Loans to issue any number of Dais. Anyone can perform the attack, paying only transaction fees (a few dollars) without having to hold […]

Viewpoint | Re-understanding Flash Lending, Blockchain Has Arrived In A New Phase Of Crypto Finance

Foreword: In the past few days, the bZx incident has caused widespread concern in the crypto circle . The reason why hackers can "attack" successfully, in addition to manipulating prices, is the most effective use of flash loans. So what is a flash loan? Why a transaction can earn a profit of 360,000 US dollars […]

Defi protocol bZx was attacked twice in one week, highlighting industry concerns

Defi protocol bZx was attacked again within a week, this time losing more than $ 600,000 in ETH. This was the second attack in a few days, just after bZx had just deployed a contract upgrade. BZX tweeted that the second attack was an oracle operation attack, which was completely different from the first attack […]

Detailed DeZ protocol bZx hacked twice: What is the attack method and how to defend it?

Author: yudan @ slow fog security team Editor's Note: The original title was "Detailed DeFi Protocol bZx Secondary Hacked" Foreword On the morning of February 18, bZx was suspected to have suffered a second attack. The difference is that this time the target is the ETH / sUSD trading pair, but some people may have […]

Analysis of hard core technology | bZx protocol attacked by hackers

On February 15, the bZx team issued an announcement on the official telegram group, saying that a hacker had carried out a vulnerability attack on the bZx protocol and had suspended other functions except lending. As for the details of the attack, bZx officials did not disclose it in detail. PeckShield security personnel proactively followed […]

Vitalik: Uniswap v2 Price Predictor Can Withstand Lightning Loan Attacks

Recently, after the bZx attack , the discussion about "oracles", "lightning loans" and "management keys" has become more and more, and the DeFi ecosystem is experiencing a short period of pain. In this regard, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin also had to stand up and maintain stability. He retweeted a tweet from Uniswap founder Hayden Adams […]

Don't blame "Lightning Loan", bZx is attacked by it

Within a week, the bZx DeFi loan agreement was attacked twice. The attacker wore a white wolf with arbitrage, and the arbitrage exceeded ten million seconds. This incident is highly concerned because it is not a simple "hacker" attack against a single vulnerability, but a combination of various product characteristics to make a fist with […]

Inspiration from the bZx event: essentially more like a arbitrage manipulation using the DeFi protocol and products

Editor's Note: The original title was "Inspiration from the bZx Event" The hacker's attack on bZx during the ETHDenver conference was like a precise ambush against DeFi. Although the amount of the loss was small, it obviously had some impact on the market situation over the past two days. What is a bZx event? Although […]

What is Lightning Loan? How to use it to arbitrage $ 360,000 in 13 seconds?

Someone who is smart and sly has just obtained a $ 350,000 book "benefit" by manipulating the DeFi loan agreement bZx, but the bZx team has restricted the operator's withdrawal through the admin key, making it impossible to make a real profit. This incident caused a great uproar in the DeFi world, and also made […]

DeFi Weekly Selection 丨 bZx Event Reflection: What Does Flash Loan Mean?

In this issue: One week's DeFi data: Valentine's Day Defi hedging totals $ 1.75 billion, and ETH hedging continues to decline Rethinking the bZx attack, who should be responsible for the loss? How is the magic Flash Loan developing? Commentary on bZx events DeFi project progress in one week to sum up According to the […]