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The loan agreement bZx was manipulated to make "Lightning Loans" popular, and to understand the secrets of Lightning Loans that must be repaid in 13 seconds

Written by LeftOfCenter Source: Chain News Someone who is smart and sly has just earned $ 350,000 in "Delivery" through manipulation of the DeFi loan agreement bZx, which caused a stir in the DeFi world and made the new species " Flash Loan " a hot topic. To put it simply, a manipulator borrowed 10,000 […]

God V's latest speech: Ethereum "can definitely survive" without me

This article from at The Block , the original author: Steven Zheng Translation: Odaily Planet Daily Yu Shunsui, original title "V God's latest speech talks about DeFi, ETH 2.0 and the Ethereum community" Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, spoke on Saturday (February 15) at the annual blockchain hackathon conference ETHDenver held in Colorado, USA, sharing […]

DeFi P / E: Valuation of DeFi Tokens

Foreword: In the current crypto field, there are not many projects that can generate cash flow. In addition to centralized exchanges and mainstream public chains, the main ones that can generate substantial cash flow are DeFi projects. So, if we follow the traditional price-earnings ratio approach, can we value DeFi tokens? There are definitely problems […]

Bitcoin accelerates into DeFi world, reveals HBTC listed on Huobi

On February 14th, Huobi Global announced the official launch of Bitcoin's DeFi project HBTC, which aims to increase the asset ceiling of the decentralized financial market by injecting the most liquid Bitcoin assets into the DeFi world. According to the relevant person in charge of the Huobi public chain, most DeFi applications are currently active […]

Opinion | Defi's most noteworthy in 2020, Bitcoin price may reach $ 20,000

The computing power said: Tao Rongqi, the founder of X-Order and a partner of NGC Ventures, gave a special live video broadcast of the open class of the University of Hali last night as a special guest. What is the difference between the stock market and the cryptocurrency market? How is Bitcoin going this year? […]

Maker multi-collateral Dai migration is coming to an end, and DeFi financial competition will become the main battlefield in the future?

In the latest DeFi Industry Report 2019 published by DAppTotal, it focused on a comprehensive review of MakerDAO's data performance over the past year. From the report, we can see that in the past year, MakerDAO has firmly occupied the leading position in the DeFi lending platform, but it is still far from being at […]

Cryptocurrency Market Report 2019: "Air Project" is being abandoned by the market, more projects are expedited to explore and integrate the real economy

Source: TokenInsight Editor's Note: The original title was "2019 Cryptocurrency Market Report" introduction: 2019 is an extraordinary year for the blockchain and digital asset markets. We see that this once-naive, "a movement" initiated by the geek community and enthusiasts has gradually grown, and more and more people have started to pay attention and participate in […]

2019 DeFi industry research report: DeFi industry will become the best application scenario for blockchain landing in vertical industry

Source: DappTotal Editor's Note: The original title was "DeFi Industry Research Report 2019" If 2018 is the beginning of DeFi, then the past 2019 can be called the first year of DeFi. This year, thousands of sails were launched in the DeFi field, and flowers blossomed. DeFi has evolved from the flames of the stars […]

Defi's Reasonable Logic and Aging Status

❖Write ahead ❖ Defi is a hot word in the currency circle that became popular in 2019.Its full name is Decentralized Finance, that is, decentralized finance, or politely called it distributed finance. Regarding Defi, there are two opposing views. One side is optimistic about the social value that Defi brings through decentralization. The other side […]

Two types of cryptocurrencies become dark horses for return on investment, but they still can't fight bitcoin

This article comes from Decrypt & Longhash Author | Daniel Phillips & Charlie Custer Translators | Moni According to Longhash's analysis, in 2019, two types of cryptocurrencies outperformed other competitors in the market, one is a native exchange token, and the other is a DeFi token for cryptocurrency lending. This brings a higher return on […]