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WBF founder Bella Fang: no evil + long-termism, the correct position of the encrypted derivatives track 丨 chain node AMA

2019 can be said to be the first year of derivatives trading, achieving a monthly leap from billions to tens of billions. The annual derivatives exchange reached US $ 3 trillion, with an average daily value of US $ 8.5 billion. However, derivatives trading volume is only 20% of spot trading volume. However, some analysts […]

Introduction | Cryptocurrency Derivatives and the World of Digital Financial Assets

Overview This article will start with derivatives and outline the future trends of the digital financial asset market. Report Industry summary Despite the continued stagnation of the crypto market, tens of thousands of cash predators and fraudulent ICOs appeared in the cryptocurrency market that continued to rise in 2017. In 2018, the strengthening of cryptocurrency […]

Bybit Airdrop Gifts are available for a limited time! Teach you how to receive 1632 USDT in 10 minutes!

Bybit, this is a professional derivatives exchange with nearly 70% overseas users, with a daily trading volume of more than 1 billion. In the Chinese market, it may not be well-known for exchanges such as Huobi and OK. However, in the past few extreme markets, when the exchange card crashed and the futures players had […]

Demystify Bybit's new product "black technology", you can open both long and short, insurance contracts!

If you have seen Jobs's Apple conference, Rebus' Xiaomi conference, or Lao Luo's wee phone conference. You will definitely have the impression that when a feature is disclosed, crazy fans will make a "oh-oh" exclamation sound, followed by crackling applause. Today, this scene appears in the world of cryptocurrencies, the protagonist is Bybit, a digital […]

ChainNode Live Room | Derivatives track has become an industry consensus. Bitcoin will be up to $ 20,000 in the year?

Since the beginning of this year, the trading platform has frequently acted, causing one after another "destruction tide", and the market share of derivatives has been expanding. On the other hand, the market is volatile, FCoin's thunderstorm tests the trust of the industry, and whose future is the fierce confrontation? Should we get in the […]

Crypto derivatives exchange FTX seeks $ 15 million in funding

This article from at The Block , the original author: Yogita Khatri Odaily Planet Daily Translator | Yu Shunsui Summary: Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried confirmed that the exchange is seeking to raise $ 15 million in equity financing at a valuation of $ 1 billion. In addition, the exchange's development plan includes […]

Analysis: Risks and Opportunities for Dual Currency Contracts (quanto)

Author: Su Zhu Translation: Zoe Zhou Source: Crypto Valley A dual currency contract (quanto) is a derivative in which the underlying asset is denominated in one asset (such as ETH), but the derivative instrument is settled in another asset (such as BTC). BTC dual currency derivatives were first launched by the derivatives exchange ICBIT as […]

Recovery in optimism? Crypto derivatives market is heating up

Source: The Block Compilation: Shallot Blockchain According to the latest data, the crypto derivatives market is heating up. Bakkt launched a bitcoin futures product in September 2019. According to Skew's data, the product's trading volume exceeded $ 37 million, setting a record for 2020. Rival Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) 's open bitcoin futures increased […]

Crypto Derivatives: Blessing is not a curse, a curse cannot be avoided

Source: OKEx official blog Compilation: First Class (First.VIP) In the past, derivatives have been blamed as the root cause of the financial crisis. What about the cryptocurrency market? The increasing uncertainty in global financial markets has prompted more and more investors to switch to safe-haven assets for the purpose of risk defense. In addition to […]

Small mining companies help themselves: use financial derivatives to hedge hash rate fluctuations

Source: Reuters , original author: Tom Wilson Source: Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Nian Yin Si Tang The old image of Bitcoin miners was that young technicians were standing in their bedrooms and using laptops to solve math problems to earn Bitcoin. Today's Bitcoin miners are transformed and become savvy startups with ultra-high-speed chips and large […]