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Bitcoin Core developers: Bitcoin build time has decreased by 42% since its peak and has dropped to 135 seconds

Bitcoin Core contributor and guest author Michael Ford of BitMEX Research recently published a report on improvements to the Bitcoin build system, while also expanding his efforts to eliminate third-party software dependencies such as OpenSSL). The report analyzes the results of tests conducted by Ford. The results show that starting from the Core 0.13.2 client, […]

Technical Articles | What are the bottlenecks and thresholds for developing Dapps on Ethereum?

Source | CSDN Blog Editor-in-Chief | Carol Production | Blockchain Camp (blockchain_camp) Decentralized applications (Dapps) are widely considered to bring disruptive innovation to areas such as banking (Di-Fi) and gaming. However, even the most innovative solutions will not be recognized if they fail to meet consumer expectations. Consumers need a smooth and mature user experience, […]

Technical Perspectives | After two years of developing DApps and Layer 2 networks, I switched to the Substrate camp

Recently participated in three hackathons in succession, the technology stack selected Substrate, and achieved good results. Some friends are curious to know what Substrate is. As a developer who has two years of experience in Dapp and second-tier network development, and also worked on fork Ethereum, I started to switch to the Substrate camp completely […]

China began to develop WeChat cryptocurrency?

The Libra project developed by Facebook has inspired Chinese cryptocurrency policy makers. If Facebook launches its own virtual currency so that users can trade on its platform, then one of China's largest digital payment operators will also Is that true? The South China Morning Post reported on Monday that the Chinese authorities first considered developing […]

The loss of power, the confusion of the foundation, how to retain the developer in Ethereum?

Ethereum is facing a situation of internal and external troubles. The second largest public chain of the market value, external, EOS, Tron and other new-generation public chain catch up; internal, community governance problems, the trend is full. Compared with external competition, the chaos inside Ethereum is even more deadly, because it not only delays the […]