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DeFi Weekly Selection | DEX scale has increased nearly 4 times in 3 months, and the centralized platform is gradually diminishing?

According to data from Dapp Total, the total value of 36 DeFi application lock positions that have been counted so far is 1.2 billion US dollars, a decrease of 7.44% year-on-year, of which 3.7 million ETH lock positions, accounting for 3.37% of the total ETH supply; EOS locks The warehouse volume was 72.19 million, accounting […]

Babbitt Column | Pan Chao: Automated Market Maker DEX Economics

Author: Pan Chao "If traditional exchanges are large private supermarkets, then Uniswap is a crowdfunding vending machine. " DEX (Decentralized Exchange), as its name implies, removes all decentralizable links of traditional exchanges, from matching to clearing and settlement, and even including market making. Generally speaking, decentralized exchanges are mainly aimed at the matching, clearing and […]

Front Running: The Achilles heel of decentralized trading

Written by: Li Hua Source: Chain News Acknowledgements: Guo Yu, Sun Zhipeng, Wu Weilong, Anxiety Research Institute In "Edge of Tomorrow", various human tactics are ineffective against invading aliens, because once this tactic takes effect, after the aliens are killed, the time will be returned to the time before the battle. Do it again. In […]

Free and Easy Weekly Review | Fcoin Thunderstorm Apocalypse: DEX and CEX finally have a battle, solving these problems will be the key

Write in front: "The only lesson that humans have learned from history is that they have not learned anything from history." ——Hegel, German philosopher MtGox in early 2014, Bitfinex in August 2016, and Fcoin on February 17, 2020 … These once-centralized exchanges have broken records of losses of more than 10,000 BTC. Some of them […]

Will the next DEX supporting 100x leverage really stand out?

Spot trading is light, prices are sluggish, and valuations in the primary and secondary markets are upside down, making money opportunities difficult to find? Many people find that the high-leverage products of mainstream cryptocurrencies have become fashionable when the private equity of blockchain projects and the altcoin speculation cannot be profitable at all. BlockBeats observes […]

Using data to review 2019 of decentralized exchanges

Author: Alethio Translation: A Jian Source: consensys Translation source: Ethereum lovers Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have started to rise in 2018 and have flourished in the past year. As decentralized finance changes the economic ecology of Ethereum, decentralized exchanges now play a more critical role than ever before, as they are liquidity providers for lending operations […]

Free and easy week review 丨 RSA accumulator becomes SNARK system cost reduction weapon, DEX and other applications may become the biggest beneficiaries

Introduction: This week we will focus on sharing a new paper "Extended Verifiable Computing Using Efficient Set Accumulators" written by Stanford University Professor of Cryptography, Dan Boneh and others, to explore the potential improvements of RSA accumulators to the SNARK system. In the weekly selection of hard-core technical articles, we will also see the content […]

DeFi data observation in 2019: the efficiency of the lending market has improved, and DEX has developed differently

Source: TokenGazer On January 6, 2020, the official website of TokenGazer released the DeFi annual report. Overview If the Ethereum ecosystem in 2019 needs to be described with a keyword, I believe that DeFi should not have much suspense as this keyword. According to, the total amount of DeFi-related mortgage lending business funds on […]

Thoughts on the Development of Stabilizing Coins and the Repositioning of DEX

MakerDao added a BAT mortgage asset event, once again igniting the dispute between decentralized stable currency and centralized stabilization currency. Centralized stable coins are generally issued jointly by exchanges and institutions. For example, Bitfinex and Tether cooperate to issue USDT, Binance and Paxos cooperate to issue BUSD, etc. The motivation for issuing coins is mainly […]

Wuzhen·Yang Haipo: Token is the core application scenario of the blockchain, and DEX is the infrastructure of the future blockchain.

On the afternoon of November 8, the “2019 World Blockchain Conference·Wuzhen” hosted by Babbitt continued. In the sub-forum “Technology changes the world: the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain”, the founder of ViaBTC&CoinEX, Yang Haipo, published the blockchain. Keynote speech on the development of infrastructure and the transformation of exchanges. Yang Haipo's core views are as […]