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$ 9.8 billion in digital assets stolen in 3 years, is your wallet still safe?

One of the four global auditing giants, KPMG said that the cryptocurrency market needs to improve how it protects digital assets to keep the $ 245 billion industry in continuous growth. The accounting firm wrote in a report released on Monday that hackers have stolen at least $ 9.8 billion in digital assets since 2017 […]

deal! Germany officially classifies digital assets as financial instruments and does not have monetary legal status

On Monday, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) published regulatory guidelines to classify digital assets, including virtual currencies, as financial instruments. Image source: Pixabay According to the financial regulator, virtual currency is "a digital representation of value, which is not issued or guaranteed by any central bank or public institution, is not necessarily linked […]

Interview with Crypto Mom SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce: Analysis of Safe Harbor Proposal

Compilation: Blocklike Lan Wen Original URL: This article was translated from digital assets information platform and published an interview with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Hester Peirce. The two sides discussed the current state of digital assets and how the SEC has opened a clearer path for people in this field. […]

Viewpoint: Are traditional valuation methods really effective? (under)

I have the strong feeling of we are in the crossroad of the time, and time will tell .– Peter Thiel, 1998 Active fork due to feature upgrades and community disagreement , hard fork forced to roll back due to code loopholes , or a single external organization forcibly launching 51% hashrate without approval The […]

These two crypto companies are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. Which big-name investors are investing?

This article from at The Block , the original author: Celia Wan Odaily Planet Daily Translator | Yu Shunsui According to The Block, two well-known crypto startups received 9-figure valuations in their respective financings last year. According to an investment statement from Blockchain Capital obtained by The Block, the security token startup Securitize was valued […]

How will a new coronavirus outbreak affect the cryptocurrency market?

Author: Xiu MU Source: Tweet Earlier this year, a new coronavirus outbreak in China, industry insiders believe that this will have an impact on the cryptocurrency market. According to Coindesk, Jason Wu, founder and CEO of the unregulated crypto lender DeFiner, said he cancelled 12 meetings with Chinese crypto customers due to a virus […]

State Street Bank: Focusing on 5 Important Trends in Digital Asset Development

State Street, the world's second largest custodian bank, has assets equivalent to 10% of global assets. How it views the creation, trading, service and custody of future financial instruments is a question closely watched by financial market observers. State Street Bank has US $ 33.9 trillion in custody assets and manages US $ 2.7 trillion […]

Digital currencies have now become part of the global financial system

Author: Siân Jones Translation: Zoe Zhou Source: Crypto Valley From January 10, 2020, digital asset businesses operating in the UK must comply with national anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (AML / CTF) regulations. The EU's 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD) will strengthen actions taken by EU member states to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. […]

Russian officials: cryptocurrency bill expected to pass this spring, will define digital assets

An official believes that the Russian State Duma (House of Commons) may pass a bill on digital financial assets at a spring meeting. Although Russia has defined smart contracts in the recent Digital Rights Act, currently in Russia, related companies cannot legally tokenize assets. However, this situation may soon improve as the country's lower house […]

NFT-the cornerstone of encrypted digital assets

Introduction: It has been nearly 2 years since the popularity of cryptokitties at the end of 2017. It has brought the ERC721 agreement and also made people see the magic of NFT. This article will comprehensively interpret the value points, application scenarios and technical aspects of NFT, and conduct a comparative analysis of mainstream NFT […]