Articles of Digital currency valuation

Interpretation of the most popular asset valuation model in the encryption circle EoE: MV=PQ

The trading equation (EoE) derived by John Stuart Mill is the most popular valuation model in the current encryption circle. This equation is an identity: MV=PQ among them, M = Money Supply, which is the average number of currencies in circulation for a certain period of time; V=Velocity of Money, which is the average number […]

What is the valuation and rising logic of Ethereum?

Bitcoin has never broken the $6,000 mark during this time. The $6,000 will be an important benchmark for Bitcoin to be tested. Once Bitcoin crosses the $4,200 line, it is likely that it will hit $6,000 without much resistance, but it will be under pressure at $6,000. Counting, bitcoin has risen more than 50% since […]

Four words explain why bullish bitcoin: from now 50 years, that monetary base will be it

This article is about 17,000 words, and it takes about 40 minutes to read the full text. As bitcoin prices soar to new highs in 2017, the reasons for investors to bullish bitcoin may seem obvious at a glance, no need to explain. On the other hand, investing in a digital asset without any commodity […]

A hundred times of space or worthless? Learn about the three valuation methods for digital assets.

As a new asset class, digital asset valuation formulas and methods have always been the subject of intense industry concern. At the HashKey 2019 Digital Assets Global Summit, HashKey Pro Chief Strategy Officer Ben El-Baz and CryptoLab Capital Partner Dmitry Kalichkin conducted a fireside talk entitled "Digital Asset Valuation Approach: Current State and Future Trends." […]